Submitted by Thurston County

Thurston County Emergency Management (TCEM) is asking those in areas impacted by the recent flooding to submit their initial damage assessments (IDAs), as soon as possible online or by calling TCEM at 360.867.2800. Data collected from the IDAs aids FEMA in its decision in whether or not to make a disaster declaration. A declared disaster may provide direct assistance to residents with disaster-caused, unmet needs.

Public Health and Social Services created a packet of information for safely returning to homes after a flood, available at the Thurston County website. The packet includes information on what to look for when returning home, how to safely enter homes, and what to do next. This includes cleaning-up, disease prevention, food and water safety, septic system information, reporting storm and flood damage, and tips for hiring a contractor, remodeler, or handyman.

Follow Thurston County Emergency Management on social media for updates and safety and prevention information Facebook and Twitter. 

Thurston Community Alert (TC Alert) is the county’s official emergency alert system and can help keep you informed of hazardous conditions in your area, including specific hazards that require action – such as a boil water notice or evacuation order. You can learn more and sign up for TC Alert today. Those who sign up for TC Alert have the option to receive information on wireless device, by email, by landline telephone, or by all three.

Residents can receive specific notifications based on where they live, or what types of information they are interested in. Currently, subscribers can opt-in to river notifications as well as local alerts from public safety agencies warning of life-threatening events and emergencies. Residents can also continue to monitor river levels at Thurston County website.

For more information on preparedness and having a grab and go kit, visit the Thurston County website.

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