Submitted by Thurston Climate Action Team

As the holidays approach, one often thinks about ways they can show appreciation to their friends and family. Likewise, they wonder how they can give back to the community.

This year, several local nonprofits are participating in a pioneer campaign called the “12 Days of Giving – Thurston County” which crosses several sectors – food, children and youth, LGBTQIA+, family support, and the environment. Participating nonprofits include GRuB, Pizza Klatch, YWCA,  Monarch Children’s Justice and Advocacy Center, Haki Farms, Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT), and the Family Support Center.

To donate or for more information about the “12 Days of Giving – Thurston County” campaign, visit the Thurston Climate Action Team website, or contact TCAT’s Melinda Hughes at 360.350.6507 or

The “12 Days of Giving – Thurston County” campaign is an affiliate of the Giving Tuesday national fundraising campaign and coordinated locally by TCAT. Thurston Climate Action Team’s mission is to partner with our community to restore earth’s climate and create a healthy, just, and joyous world for all people and our planet.

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