Bubbles. Boba. Pearls. Whatever you prefer to call them, there is just something about those chewy tapioca balls that really is almost addicting (could be the fact that they are 100% carbs…). Made from the cassava root, tapioca is then formed into balls, which are put in boiling water and then coated with sugar—usually brown sugar or honey—and water to finish. When you’re craving a delicious boba tea or bubble smoothie, you have plenty of places locally to get your fix! Here is where to get bubble tea in Olympia and throughout Thurston County.

Bubble Island

700 Sleater Kinney Rd SE C1m Lacey

Just down the strip mall from Ding Tea is another boba tea shop, Bubble Island. Bubble Island offers milk teas and smoothies with boba and other jelly additives. You can’t pick your sugar level, but you can ask for little or no ice. They also offer different sizes, which is nice. Get the big one when you know your going to be stuck in traffic, it’s awesome! A favorite in my house is the taro smoothie with lychee jelly. For more information, including a peak at their menus, check out the Bubble Island website.

Galaxy Boba

Bubble tea olympia galaxy boba
If you are looking for something different, try the Galaxy slush with edible glitter and boba at Galaxy Boba. Photo credit: Brent Lotz

203 4th Ave E Suite A, Olympia

Galaxy Boba is located in the Security and White Buildings in Olympia. It has a fun vibe, making it a great stop on a night out with friends, for the teenagers, or even a date night! They have milk teas, fruit teas, lemonades and smoothies. They even have a macha milk tea for those all into matcha! Of course, they have tapioca pearls, but they also have popping boba in various flavors. For something extra fun, you can even add edible glitter to your drink. An important note, they do not have any dairy-free options. Galaxy Boba also has Bubble Waffles, which are fun, bubbly waffles. Have yours with ice cream, a sauce and plenty of topping include, yes, boba! For more information, check out the Galaxy Boba Facebook page.


805 College Street SE #A, Lacey

Located near Saint Martin’s University, TINTIN Tea is a bubble tea shop in Lacey with a large menu. If you aren’t sure what to order, you can always go with something off their top 10, like the classic milk tea—personal favorite—a red bean matcha smoothie or a honeydew milk tea. They have some unique additives, like egg pudding or green apple jelly. You can choose your sweetness and ice level here too. Best sellers are marked on their menu too, which can help with decision making. For more information, visit the TINTIN Tea website.

Ding Tea

bubble tea olympia ding tea
Ding Tea’s Monster Tea Latte tastes like cookie dough and is sure to become a favorite among those like sweet drinks. Photo credit: Kristina Lotz

700 Sleater Kinney Road SE, Lacey
Inside Fresh Pho

Ding Tea is a bubble tea shop located inside Fresh Pho, right next door to the Fred Meyer in Lacey. That makes it convenient for an after-shopping snack. The great thing about Ding Tea is you can choose your sweetness level as well as ice level. If you like to taste the tea in your milk tea, try it with less sugar. If you like a lot of boba, they are not stingy! They offer all the usuals, like Thai milk tea (a non-dairy creamer is used!) and taro, as well as smoothies and a lot of unique drinks. Try their monster boba latte that tastes like cookie dough. They a variety of different add-ons beside boba, like coffee pearls or aloe vera jelly. Ding Tea also has popping boba, which are little spheres with liquid flavor inside. You can even get your boba in a coffee latte if you prefer. Follow them on the Ding Tea Lacey Facebook page for updates.

Jazen Tea

boba tea olympia lacey Jazen tea
Jazen Tea in Lacey has refreshing fruit teas paired with honey boba. Photo courtesy: Jazen Tea

1120 Galaxy Drive NE A, Lacey

Jazen Tea is located inside Pho Hoa at the Landing at Hawks Prairie in Lacey. They have milk teas, slushies, and smoothies, along with fruit teas with bits of actual fruit in them! If you want something different, try the lychee mojito, of course, I add boba to mine too, because well, I love boba! Their boba is made with honey, instead of brown sugar, giving it a subtler, lighter sweetness that pairs well with fruit. For more information, visit the Jazen Tea website.

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