Our skin, the largest organ in our body, can be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life. As the season changes, your skin does too, so if yours isn’t looking or feeling 100%, come visit Master Esthetician Melissa Williams at Oly Skin & Wax for a customized treatment, advice, and a time-out for self-care.

Oly Skin and Wax treatments
Master Esthetician Melissa Williams provides facials, hair removal, dermaplaning, chemical peels, microneedling and more. Photo courtesy: Oly Skin & Wax

Even with Washington’s gray winter weather, skin care and sunscreen are vital. Williams became a Master Esthetician because she can relate to those with sun damage, aging concerns and challenging skin conditions. She likes helping others who may not know what to do about their skin, and is thrilled that she has found the perfect way to exercise her attention to detail. “When I was growing up, almost everything I did was outside in the sun,” Williams admits. “I didn’t think about the importance of wearing SPF or the damaging effects the sun can have on our skin.”

“I’ve always had issues with my skin, but in my 30s I started noticing changes in my skin’s appearance, like not cute changes.” Williams continues. “Last year I had to apply a strong medication onto my face twice a day for about six weeks to block the growth of precancerous and cancerous cells. It was painful and scary to look at my reflection in the mirror, but I used it as a learning opportunity and researched ways to help restore the health of my skin. I thought about others who’ve had similar or more severe experiences, and I have had extra training in oncology esthetics to learn even more. I’m happy to be a resource and help people have healthy skin, no matter the reason. My first piece of advice is to wear SPF every day!”

When thinking about opening her own business, Williams carefully chose every detail in design, and function. “I built my business to be the kind of place where I would want to be a customer,” she says. “It needed to be exceptionally clean, welcoming, polished but not pretentious, comfortable, and safe. When I walk into a business, I like feeling like I am a priority and that my business is valued. I want each customer to feel like that every time they visit my studio.”

Despite the pandemic, Williams opened her doors in January 2021. “It was a bit challenging, but I knew I could do it,” she shares. “I just needed to work hard and stay positive”.

Oly Skin and Wax services
Facials have many health benefits and are an important component of ongoing skin care, regardless of your age, gender, and skin type. Photo courtesy: Oly Skin & Wax

Oly Skin & Wax offers an array of customized services from facials, chemical peels, anti-aging and advanced treatments, to sugaring and waxing services. “Facial services are offered to men and women, and customized to meet the client’s skin type and goals,” Williams explains. Whether a client is looking to start a skincare routine, improve skin texture, address signs of aging, mitigate sun damage, nurture the skin barrier, or just relax, Williams encourages folks to book a complimentary consultation to discuss how she can help.

As a Master Esthetician, Williams also performs Advanced Treatments such as dermaplaning, microneedling, chemical peels, radio frequency facial skin tightening, microcurrent facial toning, and treatments using her HydroGlow machine. “The HydroGlow is like a magical intensity-controlled pressure washer for the face that removes dirt and build-up on the outermost layer of the skin and simultaneously infuses a customized serum that leaves the skin looking bright, fresh and clean,” she says. “I really enjoy performing advanced services because many are results-oriented and some may even produce visible improvements after one appointment.”

Williams pointed out that men with shorter facial hair and beards can get facial treatments as well and she has a specific protocol for cleansing facial hair and conditioning the skin underneath. “Men’s skin is .5mm thicker than women’s, so they have different skincare needs. I have some male clients who come in every month for a relaxing customized facial, and others who prefer active treatments like the HydroGlow. They like that there are options to choose from, and say they like my space because the décor doesn’t feel like they are walking into a women’s salon.”

Oly Skin and Wax facial
Oly Skin & Wax customizes treatments with proven, safe, natural, and science-based products that are personalized for each client. Photo courtesy: Oly Skin & Wax

Williams also specializes in the traditional sugaring method for hair removal and offers an extensive menu of services for women and select sugaring or waxing services for men. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of sugaring versus waxing and want to learn more, there is a host of information that can be found on her website.

Oly Skin & Wax is in the South Capitol neighborhood on the outside corner of the Olympia Professional Building, not in their iconic courtyard. The address is 108 22nd Avenue SW, exterior suite 2A. “What you might not know is that the front door of my studio is literally what used to be the back door of Capitol Barber! I’m tucked away, but now that I have an awning above my door and a sandwich board by the street, it’s easier to find me.”

With the changing season, now is a great time to prepare your skin for spending more time indoors or updating your skin routine. Appointments can be booked online and you can purchase gift certificates from her website or at the studio. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for seasonal specials and check out Google and Yelp for rave reviews. Have questions or need recommendations? Send a message through her website or email info@olyskinandwax.com, and Williams will get right back to you.


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