You can make many things from the same ingredients, but it’s the quality of ingredients and their skillful combination that sets certain products apart. In the burgeoning CBD industry, Tenino’s Sweet Life CBD carefully monitors quality and production from start to finish to ensure their products are exactly as promised.

Sweet-Life-cbd products-production-formulas
At Sweet Life CBD, products are carefully formulated using high quality ingredients. Photo courtesy: Sweet Life CBD

“The CBD industry is a largely unregulated market so unfortunately the responsibility of finding high quality products often falls to the consumer,” explains CEO Jon Sutherland. “There is federal regulation stating that trace amounts of THC in products are legal (under .03%) in the U.S., but regarding quality there is little to no guidance.”

With shops springing up everywhere selling products with often outlandish claims, this can be problematic. “From claiming to have inaccurate amounts of CBD to containing unapproved amounts of THC, there are many companies out there that make it essential for consumers to evaluate any CBD product with a critical eye,” Sutherland continues. “Quality CBD brands should be able to provide information regarding excellent ingredient sourcing, are rigorously third party tested to provide a Certificate of Analysis (shows proof of CBD count and 0% THC) and not make wild claims regarding their product. At Sweet Life CBD, we want to remove some of that pressure on the consumer that involves time consuming internet research by helping to provide this guidance along with our products.”

Whether you’re using their Sweet Dreams sleep or Sweet Fuel energy formulations, Sweet Life wants to keep customers educated each step of the way. “Every single batch we produce is tested and comes with its own lot number that can be found on our website,” says Sutherland. “Through this number any customer will be able to find our Certificate of Analysis, which ensures that our products always contain 0% THC and lab-tested proof that each oil, capsule, or topical contains precisely the amount of CBD it states on the packaging.”

Sweet-Life-cbd products herbal-medicine
All materials and finished products are tested and come with a certificate of analysis QR-code on the packaging so you can verify ingredients. Photo courtesy: Sweet Life CBD

And this testing doesn’t just take place after the fact. “Every lot of CBD Isolate does not enter our building unless it is tested for all Cannabinoids as well as heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins,” says Sutherland. “End product testing is done for every product each time a new batch of CBD Isolate arrives at our production facility.”

There are no unified federal regulations for CBD testing, Sutherland explains, and localized state regulations vary. After working with several cannabinoid testing labs, they’ve chosen Olympia’s Capitol Analysis because they that repeatedly given Sweet Life accurate results, explains Sutherland. “We determine this by submitting multiple sets of blind samples to verify the lab gets consistent results from sample to sample,” he adds.

Why go to all the extra effort, time, cost and expense? Sweet Life staffers think the answer is simple. “CBD can be such a powerful tool for those that struggle with pain, anxiety and many other ailments,” says Sutherland. “Our mission is to provide people with tools that can help them enjoy their life to the fullest. There is a loss of confidence in CBD due to low-quality products out there and we strive to build trust with our customers through meticulously documenting product quality. We also want to be a part of setting a standard in the CBD industry that holds companies accountable for providing accurate and honest information to the public.”

You can find a full list of Sweet Life products on their website and they’re expanding to stores throughout Western Washington soon. They even have products to address anxiety and pain in your pets, thanks to the delicious bacon flavor of their Sweet Paws tincture. Order online or send questions through their Contact Us page.

Sweet-Life-cbd products quality-production-testing
Whatever your CBD-product needs, Sweet Life has a blend or formulation for you and your pets. Photo courtesy: Sweet Life CBD

TV cooking competitions like “Chopped” have taught us a simple lesson. Give four chefs the same ingredients and you’ll often receive four very different results. Some are hugely successful, some less so. The same is true when formulating products. Careful study goes in to determining exactly which ingredients should be used and at what quantity. Quality ingredients combined with skill and knowledge produce results consistently and safely.

To read more about the company’s commitment to quality and upcoming product releases, follow them on Facebook today. You can even suggest new formulation ideas or uses for existing lines. They welcome feedback and customer reviews on how to better live the Sweet Life.


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