Submitted by Intercity Transit

The Intercity Transit Authority will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021, to receive comments on a proposed flat rate fare structure for the agency’s vanpool program. This proposal is part of the agency’s continuing effort to meet community goals and the intent of IT Proposition 1, which was approved by voters in November 2018, to create more access to public transit. The proposed changes simplify the current rate structure, provide flexibility in response to a changing work environment, and better supports access to jobs, which benefits employees and employers in our community. A summary of the proposed changes and process will be provided at the meeting. More information about the proposed changes can be found at the Intercity Transit website.

The scheduled public hearing provides an opportunity for the public to comment on the proposed flat rate fare demonstration project. The public hearing will take place by telephone or other remote means in accordance with Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 20-28.15, in response to the COVID-19 state of emergency. Further details on how to provide comment at the public hearing will be posted at the Intercity Transit website.

In addition to providing comment at the public hearing, citizens may submit their comments by 12 p.m. August 18, 2021, by:

Phone: 360-705-5852
Mail: P.O. Box 659, Olympia, WA 98507 Attn: Vanpool Fare Demo Project

A vanpool is a group of three or more people who share a similar commute.  Intercity Transit provides the van, fuel, insurance, and maintenance. Individuals pay a low monthly fare based on their round-trip miles. In some cases, employers cover a portion, or all, of the fare for their employees. If you would like to learn more about vanpooling, call 360-786-8800 or email us for details.

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