We rely daily on the talented workers around us who provide much-needed goods and services. But how often do you take the time to get to know the hardworking staffers who keep stores, clinics and small businesses running smoothly? At Olympia’s Rejuvenate IV Hydration and Wellness Center, fortifying injections and IV drips can provide a boost thanks to the skilled hands of owner Stacy McIntyre and her team of skilled registered nurses.

Owner Stacy McIntyre, a retired Army registered nurse with 30 years’ nursing experience, leads a team of skilled RNs. Photo courtesy: Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center

“Rejuvenate has created specialized iv therapies to maximize your hydration, health, performance and recovery,” Stacy explains. “And all of the ingredients are sourced from FDA-approved facilities.”

Before opening the shop, Stacy had a longstanding passion to make people feel better. As an Army medic she discovered her calling and attended nursing school upon leaving the military. After spending six years working in the intensive care unit caring for patients after surgery and transplants, she obtained her master’s degree in anesthesia. Today, she has nearly 30 years of experience dedicated to keeping people healthy.

Along the way, her experiences guided the Wellness Center’s mission. “I discovered that with my education and degrees I could expand my ability to help others,” explains Stacy. “Being a veteran and being married to a veteran I have been exposed to a world of depression, PTSD and anxiety. This led me to want to open a ketamine clinic to help others that are suffering. I have always been interested in alternative medicine and by adding IV nutrient therapy to the business allowed me to reach even more people to improve their health easy and more naturally.”

On her team are others with similar experience. “Our clients come in here expecting a professional and are trusting us with their health,” says Stacy. “This is a place I want our clients to not have to worry about their care and can feel comfortable and safe while here. The employees work on their own at times and I can be stress-free knowing that they are skilled and well trained to take care of our clients as well as I do. We only hire Registered Nurses that have experience with IV therapy. They must possess a similar passion and desire to help and heal as I do.”

Like Stacy, her nursing staff is well versed in the Rejuvenate IV Hydration and Wellness Center’s products and can help both new and existing patients decide which are right for their medical history, needs and wellness goals. “The staff is constantly learning and working hard to be knowledgeable on all the products,” she continues. “I am very confident that they can help you figure out the best services for you and they are trained to talk to me if they need help with suggestions.”

Whether you visit for a rejuvenating IV drip or customized vitamin injections, Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center in Olympia has something for everyone. Photo courtesy: Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center

The Wellness Center’s IV drips consist of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and simple saline to serve a variety of needs. “The Myers’ Cocktail is hands down the most popular drip because it is the original IV nutrition drip and covers all the things you need it to,” Stacy says. “When you couple it with some powerful antioxidant glutathione, you can’t go wrong.”

There are also drips to support weight loss and sleep, aid in performance and recovery, combat headaches or hangovers, and for immunity support. “The immunity drip is popular in the fall and spring,” explains Stacy. “We do our best to keep up with the needs and are always trying to update and change our products to be the most effective possible.”

New in June 2021 will be their Hydration Station. “This is our custom designed bus that we will be taking to events to provide IV hydration on the go,” says Stacy proudly. “It will have a specialized limited menu and be able to accommodate up to eight people for private group events.”

The shop is now open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with extended hours until 8 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. Look for Happy Hour pricing from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, with 15% off all services during that time.

Current store announcements are available online and include updates, specials and newly added formulations. You can schedule a visit through their website or by calling 360.489.1558. Most drip appointments take approximately an hour and their Wellness Drip Club is available for regular visits and visitors. Have questions about their services? Email stacy@rejuvenateolympia.com or submit your question directly.

Now that life is returning to normal and we can meet and mingle once again, take a few minutes to refresh, recharge and getting to know the hardworking staff at Rejuvenate IV Hydration and Wellness Center. We could all use a pick-me-up and they’re always happy to find the perfect one for you.


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