Acme Fuel, fueling the South Sound since 1925, is your neighborhood supplier of propane, heating oil, specialty and automotive fuels. In addition to their office in downtown Olympia, they have two conveniently-located fuel stations for passenger and fleet vehicles.

Sherry Milczewski has worked for Acme fuel for six years. She loves talking fuel, and is always ready to assist you or your business with your fueling needs. Photo courtesy: Acme Fuel Company

Their fuel stations, called Fast Fuel, are open to everyone. You do not have to be a member to fuel up with their competitively priced commodities. The free membership does have its perks though, from flexible and in-depth reporting to hefty discounts.

Whether you have a fleet in need of fuel, or you’d like to create an account for personal use, get in touch with Acme’s Fleet Fueling Consultant, Sherry Milczewski. Sherry is a people-person, and her gregarious nature makes her perfect for her position in assisting businesses in their quest to fuel their fleets efficiently and in a way that makes economic sense. She does this by helping them sign up for Acme Fast Fuel’s gas card, a member card that is part of the CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) program.

“Sherry takes a consultative approach to sales instead of pressuring people,” says Allison Dumas, Acme’s fleet card program manager. “She really likes to sit down with people and really get to know how they will use their card so she can set them up with the best possible program for them.

It’s this commitment to personalized, thoughtful customer service that sets Sherry apart. She’s often spotted at local networking events and is a member of the Lacey and Thurston County Chambers. She’s passionate about the job and Allison describes her as having a strong work ethic and as someone who is extremely invested in her work.

In setting up a Fast Fuel account, small businesses to large fleets have access to detailed reporting such as:

  • Fueling date and time
  • Fueling location
  • Driver name and vehicle description
  • Type of fuel purchased
  • Quantity purchased
  • Price per gallon
  • Odometer tracking
  • Detailed fuel usage and tax summaries
Boating season is upon us, and Acme’s Fast Fuel stations have all of the specialty fuels you need for work or play. Photo credit: Doug Walker Photography

And there’s more! If you’re concerned about security or would like to have a little more control with your fleet’s fuel, the security controls include:

  • User-defined PIN security
  • Odometer entry field
  • Miscellaneous entry field
  • Product restrictions
  • Gallon limit restrictions
  • Transaction limit restrictions
  • Time of day & week restrictions
  • E-receipts
  • CFN fraud protection

No surprises, always within your budget, comprehensive reporting (especially great at tax time!) and complete control over your fleet’s fueling makes setting up the Fast Fuel account well-worth the short amount of time it takes to set up.

Fast Fuel cards are accepted nationwide and into Canada, and Acme fuels many of our town’s fleets right here. Sutter Metals, who provides specialized recycling services in Lacey, Tumwater, and Centralia are one of their happy customers, along with Chelsea Farms.

At both of the fuel stations, one located in downtown Olympia, and the other on Lilly Road, a variety of fuels are available. There are two gasolines, E10 with 10% ethanol and no ethanol (clear gas or pure gas), and both of them are Top Tier. There’s also premium diesel for cars and trucks, and high-volume diesel pumps are available for the big rigs. If it’s off-road diesel you need, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) for newer diesel vehicles, the Fast Fuel stations have them both. And though the stations are unattended, they are still full service with air and water available by coin or credit card.

Jayson Pratt has been with Acme Fuel now for 14 months. He’s the reason why their Fast Fuel stations (and many other things) are in tip-top shape and sparkling clean. Photo courtesy: Acme Fuel Company

Fast Fuel card holders save 10-15 cents per gallon, and if that were not inviting enough, Jayson Pratt, Acme’s maintenance technician takes the stewardship of them seriously, and to the next level.

Jayson visits the stations a few times each day, making sure there’s no oil slicks, overflowing garbage or equipment in disrepair. Acme provides single use gloves for fueling, but the pumps are also carefully wiped down and the whole station is kept sparkling clean. “It’s very important to us that the stations are clean and inviting,” Allison says, “so people choose to fuel with us.”

Not only that, Jayson did all of the landscaping at the newly remodeled Lilly Road location. “He’s extremely hard working, and he’s always on-the-go,” Allison says. “He fills propane bottles at the office for customers, and in the little spare time he has, he’s always finding odd jobs to do. He moves quickly and is very self-motivated to do these things.” A dream employee.

Acme’s Website Make Over

Acme already keeps us mobile by providing all of the different types of fuels to meet our community’s needs, so they decided to invest in another type of mobile. Their website has undergone some changes to modernize it and increase its mobile responsiveness. Allison highlights that customers—established or prospective ones—can do nearly everything they need to do through Acme’s website.

It’s a fount of information, from education to bill-pay in just a few easy clicks.

Sherry now has her own landing page that has streamlined the Fast Fuel set-up process, and you’ll find everything you need to get rolling along right here.

Summer is fast approaching, and fuel is in high demand. Visit your local Fast Fuel station to shop locally and support one of Olympia’s longtime businesses, as Acme Fuel has been serving our community for almost 100 years!

Acme Fuel Office

416 State Ave NE, Olympia (Call first, lobby is currently closed)

Fast Fuel Stations
303 Thurston Avenue NE, Olympia
501 Lilly Road SE, Olympia


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