This holiday season is an especially hard one. That goes without saying, right? Olympic Plumbing Technology (OPT), Thurston County’s favorite family-owned plumbing company, is looking to lighten the load this year—or at least provide the universal soothing comfort of hot water by giving away three water heaters.

Ron Boeckmann started Olympic Plumbing Technology with his wife Kimberly in 2007. Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology

Since 2007, Olympic Plumbing Technology has been taking big strides in plumbing by employing the most technologically-advanced, least-invasive methods in the plumbing service industry. This season, they’ll be taking big strides for our community as they give away three hot water heaters with professional installation to homeowners in need in our community.

The ability to give back is something that is very important to Ron and Kimberly Boeckmann, the husband and wife team who head-up OPT. The company has grown from just Ron and Kimberly in the beginning, to a full staff of 13 with 7 full-time plumbers.

“Giving back is really important to us,” Kimberly says, “that’s just how Ron and I operate. I’m constantly trying to balance being a mom and running a small business, and I have all of these different things going on. But behind all of that, the heart of what Ron and I are truly focused on is taking care of our customers, our employees and our community.”

Olympic Plumbing Technology is giving away three hot water heaters with professional installation. Giving back to the community is important to this family-owned business. Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology

OPT partnered with their vendor, Ferguson, who generously provided the hot water heaters. But the installation of the units will be performed by Olympic Plumbing Technology and have a $1,600 value each. This grand gesture comes at a time when many folks are out of work and in need of a little comfort at home while staying home.

There are no catches in the fine print. It’s just a lovely gesture from one caring business to three area homeowners. Kimberly points out that the installation has to be what she calls “like for like.” If the existing unit is a gas water heater, a gas unit will be installed, if the unit is electric, an electric one will be installed. No switching of systems or carpentry is included in the giveaway.

To enter, nominees must be homeowners who occupy their home within Thurston County and within Olympic Plumbing Technology’s service area. The water heater must be 10-years-old or older, and the giveaway is not extended to recreational vehicles.

To nominate yourself or a neighbor in need, fill out the nomination form on Olympic Plumbing Technology’s website. The contest runs from November 30, 2020 to December 18, 2020 at Midnight. Winners will be chosen on December 22, 2020 by a committee at OPT and will be announced on their Instagram and Facebook pages, and also on local radio stations, KGY 95.3 and KAYO 96.9.

Olympic Plumbing Technology is a full-service, locally owned plumbing company performing plumbing repairs, drain service, bathroom and kitchen remodels, water heater replacement, hydro-jetting, and more. Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology

Just like many other things that homeowners may struggle to maintain, water heaters should have a yearly maintenance performed. “They should be flushed once a year,” Kimberly says. “This avoids sediment buildup in the bottom of them, which lessens the water quality they output.”

Water heaters generally have an 8- to 12-year shelf life, and are usually stickered with an installation date helping homeowners to easily date their units. When your hot water unit is failing, it’s usually incredibly obvious, but the sneakier fails like a leak that goes unnoticed can wreak havoc on the whole house.

Heated water has been shifting from a luxury to a necessity, and especially in the colder months. A hot bath is a gift, as is a hot sink full of soapy water to wash the dishes. Olympic Plumbing Technology knows this and that’s why they want to help. “I don’t know of any other service company that is doing stuff like this” Kimberly shares, “and I think that’s really what sets us apart.”

When asked to share more stories about how her business has made an impact in the community Kimberly pauses as if she doesn’t know where to start. “Some of our core values are about integrity, teamwork, customer service, and all of the things that go along with that,” she says. “Not too long ago, Ron went out to an elderly customer’s home and found her in very poor health. He performed the work for free because it was the right thing to do.”

Olympic Plumbing Technology serves Thurston County and prides themselves on the least invasive, most efficient technologies the plumbing industry has to offer. Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology

Kimberly shares that OPT has a budget set aside for those encounters. A giving fund where OPT can provide not only exemplary customer service, but can make a real impact in someone’s life. “We have so many stories like this,” Kimberly smiles, “which ones do you want to know about…?”

Olympic Plumbing Technology prides themselves on finding less invasive ways to service their customer’s wide array of plumbing needs by utilizing the latest technologies in the industry, at an affordable price. You’ll find their Bigfoot-emblazoned vans all over Thurston County tagged “Don’t Mess with the Rest, OPT for the Best.” Stay connected with them on social media to stay current on their specials, giveaways, and service tips; because plumbing emergencies can’t wait.

Nominate a Thurston County homeowner for a new hot water heater and installation here.

Olympic Plumbing Technology
514 Pattison St. NE, Olympia

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