Treasure the Adventure Outdoors with Nisqually Reach Nature Center

Jozi Tolle explores Luhr Beach with grandchildren Miley and Miles. Photo courtesy: Nisqually Reach Nature Center

Submitted by Nisqually Reach Nature Center

Nisqually Reach Nature Center invites you and your family to embark on an adventure that encompasses some of Thurston County’s most spectacular public lands.

This new environmental educational program, Treasure the Adventure Hunt, offers families a creative way to explore, learn and unwind while enjoying the outdoors. The treasure hunt leads adventurers hiking through lush old growth forests, strolling on boardwalks over scenic wetlands and spending time taking in the immense beauty in the Pacific Northwest.

All locations are within 25 minutes of downtown Olympia, making this a leisurely and enjoyable option after a long day of school or work. Treasure the Adventure Hunt is a great option for families who are choosing to homeschool this year, as it provides hands-on science curriculum.

Laminated signs hold the clues and codes at 6 different public lands. Children receive a packet with entertaining activities that correspond to each of the locations visited. Families can beach-comb, search for wildlife, sketch wetland wonders, and more. You’ll want to bring picnic baskets, water bottles, sunscreen, and swimsuits and treasure the sweet time spent with your loved ones; this treasure hunt does not need to be done in a day.

The busyness of life can crowd outdoor recreation out of the schedule. However, many studies have shown that spending time in nature is beneficial for overall health and improves a child’s ability to learn. It can improve a person’s mood and reduce feelings of stress, in addition to offering physical health benefits. According to the Children & Nature Network, children who spend more time outdoors have better academic performance, increased attention, improved behavior and increased engagement and enthusiasm. Because this school year looks radically different for many students and teachers, spending more time in nature may be exactly what is needed to combat stress and give youth and adults a healthy start to the school year.

All participants who complete the treasure hunt and decrypt the code will receive an awesome NRNC shore crab sticker for completing the treasure hunt, and one family will win a gift certificate for 4 people to kayak, thanks to a generous donation from Boston Harbor Marina. This fun and engaging program runs through Sept. 19. For more details and to participate visit Nisqually Reach Nature Center’s website.

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