Submitted by Washington State Department of Transportation

Beginning Tuesday, August 18, the Washington State Department of Transportation will activate new ramp meters to improve merging and provide more consistent travel times during congested periods on southbound Interstate 5 in Lacey and Olympia. Locations with new meter activations are:

  • Martin Way East
  • Sleater-Kinney Road Southeast
  • Pacific Avenue Southeast
  • Henderson Boulevard Southeast

Travelers using those ramps during peak travel times can anticipate delays as ramp meters regulate traffic flow onto southbound I-5. WSDOT will monitor traffic patterns on the ramps and nearby surface streets, making adjustments to ramp meter operations as needed.

How ramp meters work

Ramp meters are traffic signals that operate according to real-time conditions on the highway and ramp. The traffic signals provide consistent gaps between vehicles, and help keep I-5 moving, rather than multiple vehicles flooding highway all at once.


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