Submitted by South Puget Sound Community College

South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) and the SPSCC Foundation today, with immense gratitude, announced the largest cash donation in the College’s history: a gift of approximately $550,000 from the Eva Gordon Estate. SPSCC is one of 17 Washington community and technical colleges to receive a donation totaling nearly $10 million.

Eva Gordon, who passed away in June 2018 at the age of 101, invested money from meager paychecks with a plan to build a fortune and give back to others. She believed in providing opportunities for people who would not have access to an education and held a philosophy of giving with no strings attached. Her gift will now begin its impact on tens of thousands of community college students across Western Washington.

“Ms. Gordon’s gift will create an immediate impact on students in Thurston County,” said SPSCC president Dr. Timothy Stokes. “Not only will it allow us to support more students, the gift will allow us to expand the work we’re already doing to help students with ongoing or unexpected expenses like housing, food, childcare, utilities, and more. We are deeply grateful for this planned gift, which will ultimately allow more students to reach their goals.”

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