Specialized Test Provides Early Detection for Heart Disease and Stroke at AM Medical LLC


Within the United States alone, one out of every four deaths is caused by heart disease. Every four minutes, someone in America dies of a stroke. As prevalent as these issues are, they are also preventable – especially if you can see them coming. At Yelm’s AM Medical, a device called the RM-3A Autonomic Function Test measures the electrical charge within the autonomic nervous system and can detect arterial sclerosis, insulin resistance, cardio-metabolic risk, cardiovascular disease and a range of other issues.

AM Medical ANS technology
AM Medical’s ANS test measure arterial health as it relates to a number of conditions, including risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Photo courtesy: AM Medical

By measuring the voltage within a group of cells, the machine can identify issues before they become serious, according to owner and founder Dr. Ana Mihalcea. For example, if the pancreas is showing a decline in voltage that means that insulin resistance is increasing, and early stage diabetes is on the horizon. Well before the patient’s blood sugars ever rise sufficiently to cause alarm, the RM-3A can alert Mihalcea and her team that some lifestyle changes are needed.

The main focus is on arterial sclerosis, says Mihalcea. “We’ve had people who come here for wellness screenings and seen that they’ve have significant arterial sclerosis findings. We’re able to really see problems early and then intervene.”

In such cases, AM Medical offers IV therapy, nutritional and peptide treatments that have been shown to reverse arterial damage. One Danish study followed a group of patients, some of whom were scheduled for coronary artery bypass graft surgery and others who were headed for peripheral artery bypass grafts. “Through this program of intensive IV therapy, including high dose nutrition, 85 percent of them no longer needed surgery,” says Mihalcea.

She cites the work of Dr. Jeffrey Boone, a renowned cardiologist and founder of the Boone Heart Institute,who focuses on prevention and the connection between cardiovascular health and brain health. “Science knows that inflammation drives arterial sclerosis,” says Mihalcea. “Dr. Boone has shown that when you have microcirculation and microvascular problems, you already have brain issues going on. When you fix one, you fix the other.”

The key benefit of the RM-3A tests is early detection, she emphasizes. “We can see markers on the test that show us that angiotensin, which is the hormone that drives blood pressure, is going up. The stiffness of the arteries is going up. We can address the issue before it manifests and the patient needs medication.”

Even if someone has already had a cardiovascular episode, it’s not too late to change course, Mihalcea maintains. “It’s not just a chronic disease approach, it’s an anti-aging approach,” she explains. “It’s about reversing before you get to real problems. Even if you already have problems, we can still reverse them.”

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