Submitted by Olympia Yacht Club

Saturday May 11 is the annual Sound Sound Opening Day of Boating Season Celebration held in downtown Olympia along Percival Landing and the Port Plaza Park. All area residents are invited to attend and further, all South Sound boats interested in celebrating Opening Day are urged to join the Opening Day Parade which occurs the same weekend as the Olympia Wooden Boat Festival. Sponsored by the Olympia Yacht Club (OYC) with active support from the South Sound Sailing Society, Opening Day is a ceremony and celebration that marks the traditional start of the South Sound boating season. The Decorated Boat Parade with the Lakefair 2019 theme of “Cut Loose” is the day’s main event and all South Sound boats are welcome to join the Parade.

Opening Day is a decades old Olympia event with similar events in other marine cities throughout Puget Sound. Key elements of South Sound Opening Day include live music, the Ceremony and Blessing of the Fleet and of course the Decorated Boats Parade along downtown Olympia’s shoreline.

The Parade is open to any South Sound boat, BIG or small, Sail or Power; decorating your boat is urged but by no means required. South Sound boat owners interested in joining the May 11 Decorated Boat Parade should RSVP to 360-867-8418 via text or phone or email to reserve their spot in the Parade.  Alternatively, they can also register in person at the OYC Clubhouse (201 Simmons Street, Olympia) on May 10 at 6:00 p.m.  Once registered, participants pickup their registration packets Saturday May 11 11:15 a.m. at the Skipper’s Meeting held at the OYC Clubhouse.

The South Sound Opening Day Parade of Decorated Boats begins at 12:00 p.m. featuring both power and sail craft as little as 20 feet and up to 55 feet from throughout the South Sound.  Olympia’s Lakefair Court is embarked on the judge’s boat and helps award prizes for categories such as Best Sailboat and Best Themed Boat.  After starting near Port Plaza Park (excellent place to watch the event) the Opening Day Boat Parade heads out into West Bay before circling back to return to the Port Plaza Park and Percival Landing area.

South Sound boat Skippers ought to participate in the 2019 Opening Day Parade. And, all South Sound residents and families interested in Olympia’s beautiful marine environment, a great local event and decorated boats should make the time to attend this long-standing maritime tradition on Saturday May 11.

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