Submitted by Adopt-A-Pet

Meet Pal! He is a happy 1-year-old Min Pin Mix who weighs in at 29 pounds. He is highly gifted in the fine art of companionship, as he pretty much loves everyone. Children in his home should be 10-years-old or older and a fenced yard is required to keep him safe. Pal enjoys car rides, playing fetch and jumping on his bouncy legs. With those amazing legs, perhaps you could teach him agility! He already knows his basic commands for “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “come” so you can see that he is very smart. His profile will also tell you that he is very good looking. Pal is the complete package if you are looking for a great family dog.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment to meet Pal in person, please contact the adoption team at Shelton Adopt-a-Pet. Emails are the preferred method of communication.

Adopt-A-Pet has many great dogs and always need volunteers. To see all our current dogs, visit the Adopt-A-Pet website, our Facebook page or at the shelter on Jensen Road in Shelton. For more information, email thedoghouse3091@hotmail.com or call 360-432-3091.

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