Attention job seekers! Explore careers, receive help finding leads, print an updated resume, identify training programs and make connections online. You can do all this and more. By the way, it is totally free. “What’s the fine print?” you ask. It all happens at your local library. Your Timberland library is a fabulous place to find career resources. Yes, you can still check out a book, but the scope of the activities of our libraries is ever expanding.

Timberland Library Office Tools
Local libraries can help you copy and send resumes and other employment requirements. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

“The library is so much more than people realize,” said Michelle Larson, public relations specialist for TRL. Timberland continues to actively seek programs and services to help people of all ages in our community. Its resources to assist people in the job market are impressive. Young people embarking on career exploration, older people seeking new options, and out-of-work adults who want to find employment, will all find free, useful resources at your local branch. The friendly staff accompanies you on your employment path. The following are a few of the ways TRL is available for you:

WorkSource Connection Sites

The region’s 27 libraries, located across 5 counties, are all provisionally approved as WorkSource connection sites. The library receives job postings from WorkSource, which are displayed in their branches. Library staff can help patrons navigate the website. This ensures that prospective employees have the ability to get resumes and cover letters to prospective employers. This can include email, faxing and printing. TRL, in partnership with The Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council (PacMtn), is in the process of creating procedures so that when job seekers leave the library they have communicated with PacMtn or have an appointment. PacMtn aims to prepare people for success now and in the future through needs assessments, basic literacy skills training and job-specific training. There are employment services for adults, military families and youth.

Library Ryan Bogarin and Zaach Stewart-Glazer
Library Associate Zach Stewart-Glazer assists Ryan Bogarin in processing his important papers on the computer. needs. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Reference USA Database

ReferenceUSA is a potent resource that helps with research and job interview preparation along with postings for many jobs and internships. You can find it on the TRL.orghomepage, under “Learn.”

WOIS/The Career Information System

The WOIS website opens paths to explore careers and make educational plans and decisions. There are detailed descriptions of colleges including online options. You can also discover a wide range of career descriptions and various certificate programs. Clarify your goals and set your plans for the future.
Career Cruising

The Career Cruising website is an interactive resource packed with information. Take an assessment that clarifies your interests and skills to match you with possible careers. You can build self-awareness through a learning style inventory and better prepare for your next steps. The careers section covers various industries, including military occupations.

Rapid Response Team

Job seekers can use Chromebooks to look for work at the library for free. Photo courtesy: Timberland Regional Libraries

TRL staff is in partnership with WorkSource, Employment Security, local community colleges and other resources to be available for newly dislocated workers. These teams go to job sites to demonstrate ways the library can facilitate their job searches and/or continuing education needs. Recently, a response team went to the Providence Distribution Center. The educators and counselors were there to support people through the often-difficult process of re-employment.

“People received a list of what they needed to do,” explained Bernard, a Tumwater adult services librarian. “I helped 15 people that day. Nine times out of 10, the people did not know about career, training and employment resources at their local library. It is a really great service for people.”

Additionally, the team has gone to the Centralia Knitting Mills, The Evergreen State College, and Toys ‘R’ Us. Questions are answered and people are directed to appropriate services and programs through the library, which extend far beyond offering free Wi-Fi and the ability to print up to 100 pages per week.

“Look to your local library,” reminds Larson. “Everything we do is free.” TRL is an integral resource for all the people in our community. Every branch has its own Facebook page to keep up on the ever-changing events. There are activity boards onsite, too. Did you know that there is a pop-up library in Morton & Mineral? I don’t live there, but the people in the East Lewis county area sure enjoy it.

Let your local Timberland library surprise you with the support they offer on your job path. “It’s a one stop resource in the community,” said Jeff Kleingartner, communications manager.

You can visit one of the five branches located throughout Thurston County. There are also additional locations for book drops and kiosks.


Thurston county libraries are located at:

Lacey:  500 College St SE

Olympia: 313 8th Avenue SE

Tumwater: 7023 New Market St.

Tenino: 172 Central Ave. W

Yelm: 210 Prairie Park St.


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