Intercity Transit to Operate Regular Service on Most Routes Thursday, February 14


Submitted by Intercity Transit

Intercity Transit will resume regular bus service following published schedules on most routes and will resume regular fare collection starting Thursday, February 14. The following routes will operate without detours:

  • Dash 101
  • Route 12*
  • Route 13
  • Route 42*
  • Route 45, outbound only
  • Route 48
  • Route 60
  • Route 62B
  • Route 66
  • Route 67
  • Route 68*
  • Route 94
  • Route 612

*Routes 12, 42 and 68 will serve only the Mottman entrance to SPSCC.

Due to closed or impassable roads, service will be provided on the following routes with slight modifications:

  • Route 21: Route 21 will be on standard snow detour.
  • Route 41: Buses will be on regular route, staying on Evergreen Parkway, but will turn around at the Library Loop. There will be no service on Driftwood, Overhulse or the Dorm Loop.
  • Route 45 (inbound only): Buses will bypass Rogers and Bowman.
    • Inbound trips will turn right onto Division from Conger, left on Harrison, then be back on route to the Olympia Transit Center.
  • Route 47: Buses will not serve 4th, Sherman or 5th.
    • Outbound trips will use Harrison Ave., turn left on to Decatur, and will then be back on regular route.
    • Inbound trips will follow the regular route to Decatur, turn right on Harrison and return to regular route.
  • Route 62A: Buses will travel from Willamette directly to Marvin and will not serve the bus stop in front of Providence.
  • Route 64: Route 64 is on detour at Jefferson.
    • Outbound trips will travel Union, turn left on Wilson and right on 9th to be back on route. Buses will miss one stop at 9th and Frederick St.
    • Inbound trips will travel Boulevard, turn left on 9th, left on Wilson and right on Union to be back on route.

Dial-A-Lift and Village Vans will operate regular service tomorrow when safety permits. We advise Dial-A-Lift customers to have a pathway between their door and the van cleared to ensure drivers can safely help customers to the vehicle. Otherwise, transport may not be possible.

As we return to regular service, many of our bus stops may not be accessible due to snow accumulation. Find a safe place to stand and wait for the bus. Our drivers will be looking for you in the vicinity of the bus stop.

We will continue to assess road conditions and post updates to our website and social media. All detours can be found on our website at and standard snow detours can be found at You can also sign up to receive real-time service information from Intercity Transit by text message or email at

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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