Thurston County 2018 Profile is Ready


Submitted by Thurston Regional Planning Council

Looking to start a business in Thurston County? Need local data for a grant application? Have a friend who is thinking of moving to the area? The Profile can help. The 2018 edition serves as a comprehensive source of accurate and timely data about Thurston County and its cities, towns, tribes, and other jurisdictions.

The Profile includes information about employment, population, housing and real estate, economics and business, local government and education, transportation, the environment and quality of life. Data are available in a variety of formats to meet a range of users’ needs including downloadable tables, interactive charts, and maps. Additionally, users can print one-page “Statistical Profiles” summarizing the latest data available for each city, town, or tribe in Thurston County

The Thurston Regional Planning Council has published The Profile annually since 1982. The 2018 edition marks the fifth year The Profile is available exclusively online at The web-only format is designed to give desktop and mobile users easy access to information.

Reaching a wide audience, The Profile is used regularly by non-profit organizations to complete grant applications, by new and expanding businesses for marketing and demographic research, and is popular among financial institutions, schools, consulting firms, and local government agencies.

The Thurston Regional Planning Council is a 22-member intergovernmental board comprised of representatives of municipalities, tribes, educational institutions and other entities. The Council’s mission is to provide visionary leadership on regional plans, policies, and issues in Thurston County.

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