When you have four children under the age of six, keeping an eye on them is challenging enough. Now imagine living right alongside a highway with an unfenced yard. That was Cora Rose’s situation when she called AJB Landscaping and Fence.

AJB Landscaping and Fence Cora Rose 4
Without a fence, the Rose family children were unable to enjoy summer in their spacious backyard. AJB was able to fix that before summer ended. photo courtesy: AJB Landscaping and Fence

Summer was already underway and every time they went outside, Rose’s children had to stay in one part of the yard for safety’s sake.  Rose and her husband had completely landscaped the property themselves, except for a few areas that required a greater level of expertise. They needed a retaining wall and steps between the two levels, plus a fence around the yard, including two gates.

Like many AJB customers, Rose discovered the company through positive Google and Facebook reviews. “I looked at some of the projects they’d done in the past that were relevant to mine,” she says. “Then they came out and did a bid.”

Given that summer had already started, she wasn’t expecting a quick turnaround for the project, but ended up pleasantly surprised.  Estimator and Project Manager Ron Garceau came out the same day she reached him and before she’d even agreed to hire him, provided information to help her complete the project in the most cost-effective way, in part by showing her things Rose and her husband could do themselves. Still, given how busy the company was, she expected a several-week wait before AJB could get started.

Then an unexpected window of opportunity opened and Garceau and the team were able to complete the project two weeks earlier than expected. “They were amazing,” says Rose. “The work they did was beautiful and now my kids are able to enjoy summer. It’s been life-changing for me.”

Work remains to be done on the property, but Rose and her family are taking it one step at time, budget allowing. Once they’re ready, she knows who she’ll call. “I have a lot more in mind,” she says. “I definitely plan to return to AJB for future projects.”

To learn more, visit the AJB Landscaping & Fence website or call 360-789-3707.


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