Saint Martin’s University to House Lacey MakerSpace


Submitted by City of Lacey

On August 17, 2018, Saint Martin’s University and the City of Lacey signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the Lacey MakerSpace (LMS), to be located on the Saint Martin’s University campus, creating a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The LMS will provide a place for community members and businesses to access knowledge and equipment. The center will contain industrial-quality equipment that uses cutting-edge technology, not generally available in other venues; training in use of CNC machines, computers, and software, to help employers’ meet their need for qualified staff; and a space for people with similar interests to collaborate on ideas that will aid in the successful completion of projects.

Centrally positioned on the Saint Martin’s campus in Zaverl Hall, the LMS will be located near the Lacey Woodland District, South Puget Sound Community College Lacey campus, and Thurston Economic Development Council Center for Business & Innovation.

The LMS is the product of a partnership with Saint Martin’s University, the City of Lacey, and Thurston Economic Development Council. A shared vision by the three partners, the LMS is intended to leverage education, research, financial resources, entrepreneurship, and community partnerships to foster, grow, and develop a thriving and cutting-edge economy that supports the local community. To support this vision and partnership, the Lacey City Council dedicated $200,000, earmarked for economic development initiatives to support the Lacey MakerSpace over the next three years.

“The Council’s vision is to create an economic environment for innovation, accessible to the whole community. An environment where innovative ideas can be developed, prototyped, and brought to market, stimulating entrepreneurism, business startup, and expansion and also growing a skilled workforce. The City sees the Lacey MakerSpace as a key spark to igniting this economic innovation,” said Rick Walk, the City of Lacey director of community and economic development.

The LMS is an important early component of the City of Lacey’s Innovation District concept. Coupled with the district’s other current and planned resources, including the Center for Business & Innovation, it will provide entrepreneurs shared capabilities for conceiving, designing, and prototyping products and services that can serve as an engine for further economic growth in the region.

“Saint Martin’s University is pleased to be a partner in the Lacey MakerSpace. Our students will be equipped to transfer concepts and ideas, developed during their education, into viable commercial opportunities that can be pursued in the South Puget Sound region,” said Roy F. Heynderickx, Ph.D., Saint Martin’s University president.

A launch event for the LMS will take place at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 25, at The Hub in Woodland Square, 676 Woodland Square Loop SE, Lacey. For more information on this event, contact Graeme Sackrison at 360-358-5572 or

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