Roy and JoAnn Waltrip: A Tale of Two Inspections with Boggs Inspection Services

boggs home inspection
During your home inspection, remember what you love about the potential new home.


boggs home inspection
Roy and JoAnn Waltrip called on Boggs Inspection Services to inspect their home before purchasing knowing from experience that a Boggs inspection was as thorough and complete as they come.

When I sold my home two years ago, the buyer’s home inspection was one of the most nerve-wracking days in the entire process. I wanted the buyer to not only love my home, but hoped the inspection report would come back with only minor issues to correct and certainly nothing to turn our buyer away.

But more than that, my husband and I hoped our inspection report would show the care and pride of ownership we had for our home. We’d brought both our children home from the hospital to that house. We’d repainted it during the summers by ourselves. We’d weeded every bed and cleaned every gutter countless times. Our fingers were crossed.

Recently, Roy Waltrip and his wife JoAnn went through the same process. Twice. The couple moved to the Olympia area in 1980 from Iowa following a transfer from Roy’s employer Georgia Pacific. They built a home off McCorkle Road in Southeast Olympia on five acres in 1996 and created a life in the country. After 38 years with the company, though, Roy decided it was time to retire. JoAnn was ready, too, after serving the kids and staff at East Olympia Elementary for many years as their cook.

As their retirement progressed, however, they wanted to spend more time with their grandkids (and great-grandkids) and less time mowing and maintaining their property. They listed their home and had a buyer right away. The new family loved the house and were so eager to make the sale happen, they ordered a buyer’s inspection before they had sold their current home. The inspection came back with only minor repairs which Roy and JoAnn took care of immediately.

boggs home inspection
Boggs Inspection Services works through a thorough checklist of items during a home inspection.

However, the buyers couldn’t sell their current home and the deal fell through. Roy and JoAnn were back to square one. They didn’t have long to wait, however, until a new buyer came along. This time, their inspector was Dwayne Boggs of Boggs Inspection Services. “We thought the inspection would be a breeze since we had already gone through one and fixed all the issues,” shares Roy.

But he hadn’t had an inspection from Boggs. “Dwayne found an entire list of issues with the house. Some were minor things the first inspector had missed, but Dwayne found some huge issues that really needed our attention,” explains Roy.

For example, during the Boggs inspection, a shower drain leak was discovered in the crawl space under the house. “This was a big leak and I can’t imagine how the first inspection missed it,” says Roy. The leak had been there for awhile and required structural repair under the house along with plumbing work. In fact, the plumber working on the job revealed the entire shower had been plumbed incorrectly and was able to correct the problem for the new buyer.

And while Boggs’ findings and the subsequent repairs cost Roy and JoAnn a significant amount of money, they were happy to complete the work to close the sale. “I would never want to leave our home in a state of disrepair for the new owner,” says Roy. This home had been his since the day it was built and he wanted to leave it in good working order for the next family set to create memories within its walls.

boggs inspection
Bill Ryan, a home inspector for Boggs Inspection Services was born and raised in Olympia.

Of course, selling one home usually means you are purchasing another. And, when Roy and JoAnn found a home in Lacey that fit their needs for retirement, they called upon Dwayne to complete their inspection.

“We were so very appreciative of the fact that his service was so much better than we expected,” says Roy. “We were impressed with him the first time we interacted with him and even more so the second time.” Roy accompanied Dwayne during his buyer’s inspection and was able to ask questions throughout. “He was great at explaining issues to me and giving me the honest answer on whether they were a something of concern or not.”

The bottom line? Roy and JoAnn Waltrip were able to leave their family home knowing they had done everything they could to ensure the new owners would be as happy there as they had been living there. And, moving into their new home, they were confident that they had purchased a sound house, free from issues that could plague them during their retirement years.

“If I was ever to buy another house, or if any of my kids were, I’d have Boggs Home Inspection inspect it for sure,” says Roy. “It’s a bit of a no-brainer.”

To schedule an inspection with Boggs Inspection Services call 360-480-9602 or visit them online or on Facebook to learn more.

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