For over 40 years, Sunset Air has been serving our South Sound communities, growing from a small operation out of Pete Fluetsch’s garage to the booming business you see today at their headquarters in Lacey. What you may not know, is that Sunset Air’s expertise runs deeper than just heating and air conditioning. They also handle electrical, water heaters, doors and windows. They do it all, and they do it well.

Call Sunset Air to schedule an in-home consultation to see if you need new windows and doors. Photo courtesy: Sunset Air

There is no better season than summer to consider window replacement. Not only can new windows and doors improve the overall aesthetics of your home, but they can also increase its overall value.

Bill Krier manages the Window & Door Replacement Division at Sunset Air. “Fortunately, new windows are never a wasted investment,” Bill explains. “Windows are key players in your home’s energy efficiency. When you are able to reduce the amount of air circulating in and out of your home you are left with an increased level of comfort inside, and a lower energy bill.”

The above sliding door after being replaced by Sunset Air. Photo courtesy: Sunset Air

Your windows have a way of talking. Even if you aren’t currently considering window replacement, Bill encourages you to look out for these signs, indicators that your windows may have run their course:

  • The panes are dirty and difficult to clean.
  • They are drafty.
  • Wood frames are showing signs of rot.
  • Your furniture is prematurely weathering, (a sign that excess UV rays are entering the home).
  • Your energy bills are increasing.
  • They are difficult to open and/or close or are mechanically unsound (may not lock, for example).
  • They are the original windows and your house has been around awhile.
  • There are cracks in the frames and/or panes.
  • There is evidence of moisture inside the pain or between double panes.

“The best way for customers to determine their window needs is by calling us to schedule an in-home consultation,” he continues. “Our initial focus is always on your individual needs, such as your expectations for the product, the length of time you plan to spend in your home and your style preferences. Once we understand what you are looking for we are better able to recommend products you will be satisfied with that work within your set budget.”

Sunset Air entry door
Sunset Air offers a wide range of products from manufacturers that share their commitment to exceptional service and craftsmanship, such as Milgard and Therma Tru Fiberglass Doors and have many style options. Photo courtesy: Sunset Air

Sunset Air offers a wide range of products from manufacturers that share their commitment to exceptional service and craftsmanship, such as Milgard and Therma Tru Fiberglass Doors. The journey to great windows and doors, however, doesn’t stop with selecting your product.

“Proper installation is just as, if not more, important, than the product itself when it comes to windows and doors,” emphasizes Bill. “Improper installation can prevent a product from operating as it should, for as long as it should and can even void the warranty. Undue stress can occur, seals can be damaged, and the look may not match your expectations.”

Luckily, the window installation team at Sunset Air is fast and accurate, saving you both time and worry. Plus, they have over 35 years of experience in the window and door business, meaning they can confidently work with all types of materials including wood, vinyl and aluminum with unmatched precision and care.

Each window and door replacement job are graded by you, the customer. These report cards give feedback to the installation team on important criteria such as communication, promptness, knowledge and quality of work. Bill was proud to share last month’s reports, and I don’t blame him. All I saw was page after page of glowing marks and written commentary offering the highest of gratitude and praise.

“The Sunset Air motto is ‘We won’t be comfortable until you are,’ shares Bill.  “Our customers see and experience this in action every time they interact with one of our teams who are constantly working to exceed their expectations.” This high level of commitment to the customer service experience is why Sunset Air has remained in business all these years.

“From the beginning,” adds Bill, “the Fluetsch family and Sunset Air have fought to become a company that the community can trust. They are all about doing right, by their customers, by their employees and by everyone else in the community. Over the years they have won many awards, but integrity, longevity, security and trust…these are the accolades Sunset Air has worked hardest to earn and values the most.”

If you are still unsure if Sunset Air is the right company for your window or door replacement project, schedule a time to stop by the showroom. Meet Bill and his team of window specialists. Get a hands-on tour of available window products. Share your goals and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation. They will be happy to show you the ways Sunset Air can best serve you.

Discover more about Sunset Air’s Window and Door Replacement Division on the Sunset Air website or visit them in person at their Lacey Showroom.

Sunset Air

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360-456-4956 – 24 hour service
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