For smooth skin and healthy nails, laser treatments are an innovative way to manage problem areas. As an organ that is visible, skin can sometimes need a bit of assistance in looking its greatest. Now there will be a new opportunity for all types of hair removal and skin care in Centralia. Laser Artistry and Medispa is relocating their Tumwater medispa to Centralia.

Laser treatment
To achieve permanent hair reduction including on the face and other areas of the body, laser hair removal is easy and comfortable. Photo credit: Laser Artistry and Medispa

Situated inside the Centralia Wellness Center in the same building as Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates, there will be a new place for comprehensive aesthetics services in the Lewis County area. The spa will open on April 2 and will be open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Master esthetician, Chloe Johnson is excited to offer treatments on additional days and in a larger treatment room. Chloe went to the Euro Institute of Skin Care and then received her license with the Washington Laser Institute. She has worked in the field of esthetics since 2014. “I love what I do. My interest in this field was because I wanted to be able to help people. I really enjoy being able to satisfy my clients,” expresses Chloe.

The services offered include full body waxing and laser hair removal. The most popular treatment offered by Laser Artistry and Medispa, shares Chloe, is the laser hair removal. Free consultations are part of the process to figure out the best course of action for each person and treatments are done over a few weeks. Body hair removal can take eight to ten weeks of treatments and facial hair removal only four to six weeks. Session for laser hair removal treatments can be purchased in packages of one, three and six. The Cutera Laser uses a cooling system for comfort and is appropriate for all skin types.

laser artistry
Fantastic looking skin can be found with progressive and innovative treatment options that are designed to give optimal results. Photo credit: Laser Artistry and Medispa

Other services offered by Laser Artistry and Medispa are skin care treatments. For vein reduction from little spider veins to darker veins on the body and face the Cutera Laser is used. For help to smooth fine lines, large pores, and uneven texture, redness and scars on the face the best option is Laser Genesis. “It rejuvenates your skin and is a gentle resurfacing treatment. There is no irritation with it,” says Chloe. LimeLight Facial improves the tone and revitalizes skin. For acne, aging, and sun damage, this treatment is ideal for skin on the face, and neck, or hands and works for all skin types.

Medical grade chemical peels and facials are one of Chloe’s favorite treatments to give clients. Offering instant results, this service can help with the tone and texture of skin. By using ZO Skin Health by Dr. Obagi in the medispa, Chloe offers comprehensive solutions for all skin types improving the health, look, and feel of the skin.

For the opening of the new location in Centralia, there will be a special of buy three, get three laser hair removal sessions. Also, all ZO skin care products are thirty percent off regular price. Special goodies will be given to patients who come in during the first week of the medispa opening in the new location. A ZO chemical peel will be raffled off as well.

For healthy looking nails, fungal infection treatment can also be done using the laser. This common condition affects ten percent of people. With sessions only taking fifteen minutes, the treatment is safe for all ages. Any doctor can refer to the medispa for this treatment and success is achieved in one to three therapies.

ZO medical skin care
Medical grade skincare, Zo Skin Health is offered by Laser Artistry and Medispa. Created by a doctor, it helps to maintain healthy skin with a wide range of products, solutions, and treatments. Call for a free consultation to see what procedures could help with a more youthful appearance. Photo credit: Laser Artistry and Medispa

For help after weight loss for sagging skin and texture issues, Viroa is a skin tightening treatment. The procedure can also help with cellulite reduction by using radio frequency. By reestablishing the skin’s elasticity, this procedure is used on the face or as a body treatment.

The first thing a person sees is the face and skin. The care given to skin is important, predominantly as aging happens. Undesirable hair is can also a challenge for some people. Technology has assisted in the treatment of common skin problems. By using medical grade products and latest equipment, Laser Artistry and Medispa loves to help with the care of their client’s skin and nails. The treatment offered now allows for a wide-range of personalized treatments that can create positive changes for a variety of skin conditions by using lasers.

The most favorite part of the job for Chloe is seeing the results for clients. She says, “I am just excited to be in Centralia and offer more days for the patients. I look forward to growing and expanding my clientele and being in that area.”

Improved skin can be found with the services accessible by Laser Artistry and Medispa. Give yourself the gift of beautiful skin and nails. Schedule a consultation to discover how Chloe can help achieve optimal results for you.

Laser Artistry & Medispa
Centralia Wellness Center
1220 W. 1st St. in Centralia


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