Submitted by Cascade Pacific Action Alliance

Cascade Pacific Action Alliance (CPAA), the Accountable Community of Health (ACH) serving a seven-county region in central western Washington, is pleased to announce that the region’s project plan for the Healthier Washington Medicaid Transformation earned top marks, receiving 100 percent of total possible points.

“The project plan was a collaborative effort between our staff and our many partners,” says CPAA Chief Executive Officer Winfried Danke. “We are excited that our region’s hard work and dedication has been recognized.” The plan lays out how the region intends to work across six project areas to improve community health, focused on the Medicaid population. The successful plan application will result in $9.3M of health transformation funds for the region. “We look forward to being able to provide our community partners with vital start-up funding to begin the transformation of our region’s health system,” says Danke.

The Medicaid Transformation is a five-year agreement between Washington State and the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It will provide up to $1.5 billion to Washington State for regional projects and health improvement investments. CPAA’s project plan includes work in six project areas: care integration, care coordination, transitional care, opioid response, reproductive and maternal/child health, and chronic disease prevention and control. Investments made in these project areas are to improve the health care delivery system and transform the way health care is provided in the region, benefitting everyone in our communities.

“Health is more than health care,” says Danke. “It encompasses the well-being of individuals, families, and our communities. The Transformation is an unprecedented opportunity to work with our partners to address social and environmental drivers of health and link them to clinical settings.”

About Cascade Pacific Action Alliance

CPAA is an original pilot Accountable Community of Health in Washington State. Since 2014, CPAA brings together clinical care, community and social services, education, health plans, public heath, community members, and experts to address local health challenges and implement regionally appropriate strategies to achieve improved health and safety for all residents. To learn more, visit cpaawa.org.

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