Lacey Glass at Home Offers Windows to the Sky

Daylight can provide solutions for spaces big and small. Photo courtesy: Lacey Glass.

Lacey Glass at Home is the leader in residential skylight installation and repair in Thurston County. A common feature in the Pacific Northwest, where days can be dreary and gray, skylights can add beautiful lighting and fresh air to a home. Consider skylights just as another glazed window option when looking for ways to bring in a little extra light.

Skylights can be flat or domed, fixed or vented. Some vented skylights are operated by an electric motor, while others open and close manually. While Lacey Glass at Home offers a variety of skylights from multiple suppliers, they are the only certified residential installer of Velux products from Portland to Seattle that has the capability for residential and commercial applications. That means the same level of precision needed for large commercial skylights is given to your home installation.

Lacey Glass at Home
Skylights big and small can be installed by the professional team at Lacey Glass at Home. Photo courtesy: Lacey Glass at Home

Jeff Pearson, expert skylight installer at Lacey Glass at Home comments, “Velux skylights are a little bit different of a system and not very many are capable of doing the work for the curb mounted fitting. I love repairing and installing all kinds of skylights. Most frequently, I am replacing an old skylight.”

“We are the indisputable experts in skylight repair in the area,” continues Pearson. “And we are just as good at new installation. There really is no one else in the area. So when a customer wants more light in their kitchen, they will call us up to install a new skylight for their home.”

Lacey Glass at Home offers standard frame skylights, solar and vented along with tubular skylights that can bring light to spaces where conventional skylights are not possible. Their skylights can completely transform a space and bring daylight in from above.

To learn more about skylights visit the Lacey Glass at Home website, go to their showroom at 1210 Homann Drive SE in Lacey, Washington or call 360-459-8411.


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