Top 8 Ways End of Year Donations to the SPSCC Foundation Benefits Everyone

SPSCC Foundation
SPSCC Students gain skills that prepare the for jobs within our community, boosting our economy and helping fill jobs with local companies. Photo courtesy: SPSCC Foundation.

For many people, the end of the calendar year is a time of reflection on our current blessings as well as a look to the future, setting goals for how we want to live our lives in the coming new year. And, counting those blessings often spurs us to share our good fortune with others in our community through end of year gifts to local non-profits. While there are many choices for your donations, you may not have considered giving the gift of education – and a better future – through the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation.

SPSCC Foundation
At the SPSCC Scholarship Reception Donors, like Olympia Orthopaedic Associates CEO Ben Shah, are able to meet the students who benefit from their scholarship donations.

Understanding the SPSCC Foundation’s mission, meeting the community members, students and donors impacted by the Foundation’s work, illustrates the power of each dollar given to SPSCC students and programs.

As you reflect on your blessings as the year comes to a close, consider an end of the year gift to the SPSCC Foundation. The benefits extend beyond a tax deduction for you. They trickle throughout our community, creating positive impacts none of us can even predict.

Browse through these top eight benefits of a donation to SPSCC Foundation as you make your decisions for end-of-year giving.

  1. Support an educated citizenry. A donation to the SPSCC Foundation enables one of your neighbors, someone who lives, works and plays in your town, to become more educated. And, with education comes empowerment, action and participation in all aspects of a community.
  2. SPSCC Foundation
    SPSCC students (from left) Bridgette, Joe and Tommy pause between classes in the Center for Students Success. Photo courtesy: SPSCC Foundation.

    Foster ongoing learning. Many people find themselves in jobs that are not inspiring and often barely pay the bills. Education can open the door to a career that both inspires and supports a family financially. The SPSCC Foundation’s scholarships provide the needed nudge to many students seeking to change careers and find a better future.

  3. Connect to those you help. For donors, there is nothing more moving than meeting the recipient of the scholarship or donation in person. Each October, the SPSCC Foundation facilitates this meeting at their annual Scholarship Reception. Donors and scholarship recipients meet, talk, hug and often cry. There isn’t much that tops this experience for those interested in philanthropy.
  4. Boost the local workforce. SPSCC Foundation funds don’t simply provide educational opportunities; they fund training of the next generation of workers for local industries. From nurses to welders, from chefs to dental assistants, students who graduate from SPSCC secure good jobs in our community, boosting the workforce and providing valuable services to all.
  5. Honor a loved one. If you have lost a loved one this year, or in the recent past, a wonderful way to honor their legacy is to establish a named scholarship. Was your grandmother an incredible baker? Fund a scholarship in her name for a culinary arts pastry student. Were you inspired by your high school English teacher? Establish a scholarship supporting a student entering education in that teacher’s name. There are virtually no limits to what you can create and scholarships can start with as little as $750 or $1,000. It doesn’t take a lot of money to change someone’s life. Simply call the SPSCC Foundation to create a memorial that will not only honor someone’s legacy, but pay their contributions forward.
  6. SPSCC Foundation
    Events throughout the year are one way the community supports the SPSCC Foundation. A team from Oly Fed, along with Andrew Barkis, join the fun at the annual Clipper Scramble. Photo courtesy: SPSCC Foundation.

    Increase the economy. Recently, an economic impact study was completed at SPSCC and the results show the local and statewide economic impact of community college programs. The study found “for every one dollar students invest in SPSCC…they receive a cumulative of $3.60 in higher future earnings, or a 15.4% average annual rate of return.” In addition, students who graduate with job skills become wage earners and tax payers, contributing back to the economic vitality of our community.

  7. Ensure cutting-edge technology training. By donating to the SPSCC Foundation, you support upgrades to training equipment, software and programs throughout the college. This ensures that program graduates – nurses, medical assistants, CAD drafters, dental assistants – are prepared to help you when you need it most.
  8. Give the gift of a brighter future. Many people see a better future for themselves and their family but financial barriers prevent them from reaching it. A gift to the SPSCC Foundation helps remove these barriers, just as it did for Nancy Hadley. (Read her story here.)

Students who have benefitted from the SPSCC Foundation, from donations that support programs and scholarships, often have a hard time expressing just how much the “hand up” from a stranger means to them. The impacts of even small sums can be immeasurable.

SPSCC Foundation
Graduation, and access to a better future, is the ultimate goal for SPSCC students, and donations to the SPSCC Foundation help make that a reality. Photo courtesy: SPSCC Foundation.

“Thanks to the instructors I’ve crossed paths with here at SPSCC, I’ve become the student I’ve always thought I was capable of being,” shares Ryan, a SPSCC student. “I’m excelling in my studies. I’m accomplishing goals. I’m happy. I’m happy that, for once, I feel purpose in my life and able to reach my full potential, which is immensely precious to me.”

Another student, Adan, shares what his scholarship has meant to him. “Some may say the money isn’t a lot, but to me it’s more than just the money. Yes, the money pays for the majority of my tuition, but it also provides another bridge to the fulfillment of my future. It shows that someone out there believes in me, or at least believes in the value of education for our community.”

If you are interested in making a donation to the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation please visit them online or call 360-596-5430.


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