Diving Deep into Olympic Plumbing Technology


In the deep waters of the world are amazing marine life, newly discovered shipwrecks, and massive structures. Commercial divers are scientists of the oceans, salvaging the artifacts of accidents at sea, and working on structures as large as oil rig sites to the inland water structures of bridges, piers, dams and water tanks.

olympic plubming
Ron Boeckmann and Kim Bosler opened Olympic Plumbing Technology in 2007 after spending many years as commercial divers. Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology.

Ron Boeckmann and Kim Bosler, co-owners of Olympic Plumbing Technology met underwater in their former careers as commercial divers. Ron worked for an engineering company that took him traveling around the United States. After diving school, Kim used her training as a commercial diver to clean out reservoirs. After years of being underwater, Ron and Kim decided to stay above ground together, get married, return to their hometown of Olympia and open a water related business. The Boslers launched Olympic Plumbing Technology in 2007.

“We started the business during the recession. We went from just the two of us working out of the house to now working out of a shop with four employees and an office administrator. We prepared well to start our business so despite the economy we not only survived but we have thrived,” Kim explains.

Ron dives even deeper to tell their story. “After Kim and I met as commercial divers, I moved to Olympia to start a new adventure. At that time, the job market was not that great and I wanted to build a career. I happened upon an advertisement for a plumber trainee and thought why not. Almost seven years later, after extensive work in the residential, commercial, and municipal fields, I felt I had acquired the necessary experience to start my own plumbing business. We bought one truck and hit the road. We saved up for every piece of equipment along the way. It started as an in-home business and has steadily progressed since. We have been dedicated to obtaining the best technology to service our customers’ needs and go beyond their expectations.”

Olympic Plumbing Technology is well known for their excellent customer service, affordable pricing and high technology equipment. Yet they are most recognized by their bright blue vehicles.

olympic plumbing
Kim created the eye-catching design for the Olympic Plumbing Technology vehicles. Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology.

Kim shares, “The vehicles were my vision. I love to design and create. Ron named the business so I got to work on the design of the vehicles. I had the ideas of the colors. I wanted to do something flashy so that nobody would miss us. Ron suggested using mountains so we got together with a professional designer to draw it up. Now people can see our vehicles driving through town, at job sites and even at our sons’ soccer fields.”

Olympic Plumbing Technology is a full service provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services. Ron has over a decade of experience in commercial, residential and municipal plumbing.

“He’s just really good at fixing things. People know they can trust him to get the repair done. Since we are a smaller shop we are very cost effective. And we have the top of the line equipment that can complete the specialty work,” explains Kim.

Well known for their high technology equipment, their word of mouth reputation is what keeps customers calling. Ron shares, “I believe what sets Olympic Plumbing Technology apart from other plumbing companies is the emphasis we place on building community with our customers. Our existing customers refer their family and friends on a consistent basis. We look at this as an honor and go out of our way to meet those high expectations. Just recently, while talking with one of our new Olympia customers she informed us that we also provided service to three other family members. It is that type of community that we love to be a part of.”

olympic plumbing technolgoy
Appreciative customers send thanks by way of gifts and referrals. Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology.

In addition to general plumbing repairs, Olympic Plumbing Technology also offers services for drain cleaning, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, water service repair and replacement, complete whole-house plumbing, water heater replacement and tankless water heater installation.

While the majority of the work completed by Olympic Plumbing Technology focuses on the unfortunate repairs and services, there are also opportunities to improve efficiencies. For example, Ron and his team can consult on the pros and cons of installing electric, gas conventional, or tankless water heaters. Efficiently running water heaters are critical to cost effectiveness and waste reduction. Tankless water heaters have become an option of choice for hot water on demand and only when there actually is demand. A traditional water tank constantly heats water whether it is needed or not, which increases utility costs. A tankless water heater is both more energy efficient and cost effective.

Kim sums it up be saying, “We are a family run and operated small, local business. Ron plumbs and I do all the rest. We really are a team.”

For information on Olympic Plumbing Technology visit their website or call 360-352-5164.


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