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With the colder season upon us, it is even more important to keep skin moisturized and protected from the elements. Lips are especially prone to drying out as we face cold, wind and sudden shifts in temperatures. Give OlyBella All Natural Lip Butters a try. OlyBella Lip Butters are handcrafted in Olympia, Washington and are free from harsh chemicals, phthalates, parabens, gluten and sweeteners.

OlyBella Lip Butters come in 12 unique flavors and make a wonderful gift or treat for yourself. Photo courtesy: OlyBella

The lip butters are made with an ultra-moisturizing blend of ingredients including mango butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter and are flavored with all natural flavor oils and certified therapeutic grade essential oils. OlyBella owner and maker Olivia Salazar de Breaux initially created the product for her young sons who were always asking for lip balm for their chapped lips.The lip balms she found had ingredients she didn’t want to use on their skin. She is proud to have a product that can be used by entire families with confidence.

For super-soft lips, Olivia has a nightly routine that she recommends.

Olivia Salazar de Breaux started OlyBella to provide her young sons with safe, high-quality lip balms. Photo courtesy: Amy Kassler Photography

Step One: Exfoliate. Lip scrubs do the job, but her favorite exfoliation method is using a damp, soft bristle tooth brush. Use it in the shower in a small circular motion and you’ll be surprised at how much dead skin you can gently slough off.

Step Two: After lips are dry, slather on your favorite OlyBella Lip Butter. When you wake up in the morning you’ll be amazed at how soft your lips feel.

OlyBella Lip Butters are available online, or locally at Capitol Florist, A Beautiful Face and Skin Care, Gallery Boom, Hot Toddy, Linnea’s – A Unique Boutique, Makeup by Dawn Johnson, and Spuds Produce Market.

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