ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER – Your Eyes and the Damaging Effects of Technology


Did you know that every time you look at a screen you are slowly damaging your vision? Exposure to high energy blue light emitted from devices like computers, smart phones, televisions, gaming consoles, CFL bulbs and tablets can damage your eyes and harm your overall health. Adverse side effects from blue light exposure range from insomnia, damage to your retina, tired eyes, blurry vision, and increased risk of early onset cataracts and more.

lacey eye doctor
Dr. Craig Rouse is flanked by his two daughters. Photo courtesy: Deliah Rouse.

To combat these eye-damaging rays, several companies have developed technology to help reduce the exposure of blue light to your visual system.

ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER in Lacey is a local provider of several of these products, offering customers a first hand way to experience this innovative eyewear. Many patients immediately notice relief as their vision relaxes and stress melts away. The lenses, which act as a layer of protection against harmful blue light, improve contrast and color perception while working to absorb harmful rays so your eyes are protected. It can be akin to putting on sunscreen to prevent sunburn and the potential of skin cancer in the future.

These lenses are a great option for people who work in front of a computer or play video games, but they are especially beneficial to children who are exposed to harmful blue light at an average of more than eight hours per day.

Rouse EyeCare Center lenses
Frames fitted with BluTech lenses can protect the eyes from damaging blue light and UV rays.

Whether you wear corrective lenses or not, you can combat the wear and tear of damaging blue light with these special prescription or nonprescription lenses.

Simply bring your favorite frames (or pick up a new pair) to ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER, and in no time at all, you can be on your way to healthy, damage-free sight.

For a demonstration of the lenses, call 360-455-4425 to schedule an appointment or visit ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER online. You can also stop in at 8160 Freedom Lane Northeast, Suite D in Lacey (Next to the RAM).


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