Batdorf & Bronson coffee experts are back in the tasting lab. Each month, during the warm summer season, Batdorf & Bronson creates a new seasonal cold beverage. On the menu currently is a horchata latte, a heavenly mixture of almond, rice and soy milks with just enough cinnamon and organic vanilla syrup to give it a sweet flavor.

batdorf summer coffee
Krista Bentow, Retail Manager at Batdorf & Bronson, shares everything about cold brew at the Olympia coffee shop. ©ThurstonTalk

The secret to the “coffee forward” flavor of cold coffee beverages at Batdorf is the cold brew coffee. “The base of every drink is a coffee concentrate,” explains retail manager, Krista Bentow. “The coffee is coarsely ground and steeped overnight in cold water. In the morning, the coffee is strained, leaving behind a rich, smooth coffee concentrate that can be enjoyed on its own or in cold coffee drinks.”

The Chilly Goat is the signature cold drink of Batdorf & Bronson. This classic blended coffee drink is a favorite in the summer months. This drink begins with the coffee concentrate made in-house. Instead of adding chemicals and artificial sweeteners like some chain coffee shops, Batdorf uses minimal ingredients. Their emulsifying powder – the secret ingredient to creamy texture – is made right here in Washington on Camano Island. If you desire a sweetened flavor, such as chai or mocha, organic syrups are used. The syrups are produced by another Pacific Northwest company, Holy Kakow. Organic vanilla, caramel and almond syrups are just a few of their natural flavors, handcrafted in small batches in Portland, Oregon.

batdorf summer coffee
The knowledgeable Batdorf & Bronson baristas can help customers decide which coffee beans are best for everything from camping coffee to cold brew. ©ThurstonTalk

I asked Krista more about the concept of cold brew. Batdorf & Bronson has been selling “cold brew coffee” long before it became the latest trend. “Any coffee can be cold brewed,” Krista explains. “Our Vesuvio blend from our Legends line is the base for most of our cold coffee toddy but Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a light bodied, sweet coffee that can be cold brewed for a summer flavor.” The Ethiopian coffee is a green bean that is available for a limited time during the summer months. “We get as much as our coffee buyer can get their hands on, and then it’s gone until next year,” says Krista.

To make cold brew coffee at home, all you need are some coarsely ground beans and a French press. Ask your barista for advice on available beans and tips for brewing at home. Batdorf’s baristas are all well versed in cold brew and are happy to explain the process. It’s simple—steep beans in cold water overnight, and press in the morning. Be sure to strain with a coffee filter to remove any remaining sediment. This delicious coffee is ready to drink or can be used as a base for your own cold or blended coffee concoctions. Krista suggests putting the coffee concentrate into ice cube trays and freezing. Add milk to your coffee cubes, and in a few minutes you’ll have a full flavored drink that will never get watered down.

batdorf summer coffee
Andrew Tucker-MacLeod can show you how to make gourmet coffee at the campsite. Visit Andrew at Batdorf & Bronson. ©ThurstonTalk

What if you want to take your coffee with you on the road this summer? If you love coffee, you don’t want to sacrifice flavor on the annual family camping trip. That morning cup of coffee can be even more important after a cold night of sleeping outdoors.

Andrew Tucker-MacLeod, Trainer and Educator at Batdorf & Bronson shared some of his secrets to a great cup on coffee while camping.

Andrew explains that you need two important tools for coffee away from home. The first key to any great cup of coffee is a grinder. “Do not pre-grind your coffee at home,” Andrew implores. “Coffee stales quickly when ground and the aromatics that are released when you drink the coffee have long dissipated taking with it the fragrance that we enjoy along with the taste.”

Andrew recommends the Hario brand mini-mill. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, this mill will last through countless adventures. Andrew takes this mill on every camping trip. He often asks each camper to grind his or her own coffee. This is a time saver and creates a fun community based activity.

batdorf coffee
Select a special blend and enjoy your coffee at the outdoor seating area at Dancing Goats in downtown Olympia. ©ThurstonTalk

After grinding, Andrew recommends expressing your grounds through an Aeropress. This easy to use coffee press will express a great cup of coffee in about 30 seconds with a nice foam head. This can be used to make coffee one cup at a time or in a larger batch for big groups. Another option is the Clever Dripper. Also made of ABS non-leaching plastic this tool is similar to a French press but uses a filter leaving a cleaner taste with no sediment on your palate. The Clever Dripper will make two cups of coffee in 4-5 minutes. These products are all available for sale online or in each of Batdorf’s three Olympia locations.

“You will be surprised by what a great cup of coffee can be had in the middle of a forest,” Andrew says.

The Batdorf & Bronson coffeehouse is located at 516 Capitol Way in downtown Olympia. Dancing Goats is the café at 111 Market Street NE. Visit the Batdorf & Bronson Tasting Room at 200 Market Street NE. For more information visit www.batdorfcoffee.com.


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