ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER – Urgent Eye Care for Eye-Related Emergencies


When you get in a car accident or experience an injury to the head, chances are you dial 9-1-1. But after the doctor has stitched your cuts and bandaged your bruises, there’s another doctor you should call: Dr. Craig Rouse of ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER in Lacey.

When you’ve experienced an accident or injury, the immediate reaction is to administer care to the part of the body that hurts the most. However, not all injured areas of the body exhibit symptoms right away. Dr. Rouse says it’s not uncommon for car crash victims or athletes to sustain micro tears in their retina after getting rear-ended or experiencing a hard collision or concussion. However, because micro tears in the retina typically aren’t associated with pain or discomfort, treatment of this condition usually isn’t sought until it’s too late.

Because retinal tearing can often cause the retina to peel away from the rest of the eye, Dr. Rouse says it’s important to contact an eye care professional as soon as possible after a major injury, impact to the head, or accident. If detected early, eye care professionals like Dr. Rouse can administer the treatment necessary to prevent something worse from happening.

Rouse EyeCare Center staff
The staff at Rouse EyeCare Center is experienced, caring and ready to provide you with a top-notch eye care experience.

Accidents and injuries come in more forms than just car crashes and foul play on the field. Work-related injuries, over-exposure to house cleaning supplies, and a variety of other settings can bring on eye-related issues that require immediate care. Urgent eye care can be necessary for conditions like:

  • Swollen red eyelid
  • “Pink Eye”
  • Chemical exposure
  • Loss of vision
  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Spotty vision

Equipped with the kind of equipment you would find in a large clinical setting, ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER has the tools necessary to administer expert care for a variety of eye conditions resulting from injuries, accidents, infections and diseases.

To learn more about ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER’s Urgent Eye Care services, visit ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER online or call 360-455-4425.


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