Dr. Bessie McCann loves her job. As the owner and provider of cosmetic services at Derma Medical Spa, one might assume that she is most proud of how her patients look following a treatment. Instead, I discovered that Dr. McCann finds the most satisfaction in how her patients feel on the inside after a cosmetic procedure, massage or a facial.

Dr. McCann is a board-certified physician who has served Thurston, Grays Harbor and Lewis counties for over eight years as an Emergency Physician. She continues to work in the emergency department at Providence St. Peter Hospital and loves the challenge and pace.

derma medical spa
A relaxing facial at Derma Medical Spa can wash away the stress.

“It is a life-affirming job, but it can be emotionally draining,” says Dr. McCann. When her best friend wanted Botox, Dr. McCann took the necessary training courses to being administering the wrinkle relaxer to a few friends. People told her that they felt comfortable and trusted her. Dr. McCann knew that if her friends felt this way so would others. Looking for a balance in her professional life, Dr. McCann found the perfect combination and added cosmetic medicine to her resume.

Starting out as a mobile business, Dr. McCann performed treatments in private homes but soon needed a designated space. She rented a room in a local spa and her business continued to grow. After two years of providing cosmetic services and with nearly 700 patients, it was time for a second expansion.

derma medical spa
Derma Medical Spa massage therapists perform a variety of massages including sports massages and hot stone massages.

Derma Medical Spa opened on the west side of Olympia on December 1, 2015. This high-end medical spa is a beautiful space that is both a welcoming, tranquil environment and a professional medical suite. Derma also employs three massage therapists, five estheticians and a registered nurse injector. A client can enjoy a massage, facial and wide array of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in a single afternoon.

Over 80% of first-time patients have never had any type of injection or facial treatment. Dr. McCann finds that many clients come in after a life-changing event, such as a death or divorce. Long endured trauma can cause stress and make people feel less confident in their appearance. A facial or a massage can go a long way in restoring energy. A cosmetic procedure like Restylane can give a boost to someone looking for a new job or re-entering the dating world.

An interesting and satisfying client segment is those returning from deployment. “These clients have not done anything for themselves in many months,” explains Dr. McCann. “Choosing to take some personal time is a positive step in adjusting back to daily life after being overseas.”

derma medical spa
Bessie McCann, M.D. (left) and Spa Director Amanda Berg proudly hold an award from the Thurston Economic Development Council.

Often patients don’t know what type of procedures are available to them. Dr. McCann finds that a small subtle change in appearance can make a huge difference in how someone feels inside. She loves the emotional process that takes place in the treatment room as she helps her patients find the best way “to look on the outside, the way they feel on the inside.” Dr. McCann says that most often no one will notice what exact procedure was done. Clients will receive compliments that they look “refreshed and rested.” The satisfaction of catching a glimpse in a passing mirror and no longer seeing that stubborn wrinkle or sun spot can be a personal triumph.

With over 1,000 satisfied clients at Derma Medical Spa, Dr. McCann loves her loyal customer base. She credits her growing business to Spa Director Amanda Berg. Together they have created a full-service spa with every treatment including laser, waxing, massage and injectables with a board-certified physician overseeing care. Another unique offering is their membership program. “We are able to offer a high-end discreet spa experience in a cost effective way for our discerning customers,” Amanda explains.

derma medical spa
Beautiful treatment rooms provide a relaxing setting for your appointment at Derma Medical Spa.

Derma Medical Spa carries two lines of organic skin care products as well as a medical grade targeted product line sold exclusively in the spa.

To learn more about Derma Medical Spa visit their website at www.dermamedispa.com or call 360-350-5321. Derma Medical Spa is open seven days a week by appointment and also accommodates walk-ins depending on availability.


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