Olympia Community School Announces New Location

Children from the Olympia Community School model their Earth Hero capes, this school year’s theme which has focused on all the ways to become an Earth Hero.

Submitted by The Olympia Community School

The Olympia Community School, the area’s oldest alternative elementary school, will relocate into a new, more nature-inspiring facility for the upcoming school year, beginning September 2016. There will be an open house at the new site on Saturday, May 7, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

“Olympia Community School (OCS) recently signed a five-year-lease with local developer Greg Mueller for a customized facility on South Bay Road. The space will offer four large classrooms, an office, kitchen/gathering place, and playground,” Jane Zerbe, OCS Board president, said.

“In addition, the facility offers access to forest and wetlands, which is prized given the school’s emphasis on learning through the natural world,” she said.

“As another plus, the location also fits nicely with its new neighbor, Sequoia’s Treehouse Childcare and Preschool, which is an alternative preschool for children up to age 4. We share a similar education philosophy and see some good synergy happening,” Zerbe said. The Olympia Community School’s May open house event will be at the neighboring Sequoia Treehouse facility while its new facility is under construction.

Olympia Community School offers two-year kindergarten beginning at age 4 through fifth grade to meet the demand for quality alternative education.

Founded in 1973, Olympia Community School and its highly skilled teachers provide elementary education that inspires, motivates, and challenges students.

The teachers empower children to reach their potential by nurturing their natural curiosity and desire to learn, their belief in themselves, and their ability to participate fully in their community with respect for self, others, and the earth. Scores of Olympia Community School graduates have gone on to thrive in the community, with some sending their children to Olympia Community School.

“The school is currently enrolling students for the coming school year and expects to reach full enrollment by early summer,” Zerbe said.

Open House: Saturday, May 7, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 3318 33rd Lane NE, Olympia, WA, 98506.

For more information, including enrollment questions, contact Janice Rosen, OCS Enrollment Coordinator at 360-866-8047 or at enrollment@olyedu.org

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