Instead of the age-old adage “take two and call me in the morning,” Evergreen Direct Credit Union is upping the ante. With their Take 2 loan feature, you can skip two payments each year for the duration of the loan…for free!

Available on almost all of Evergreen Direct’s loan offerings, Take 2 is an ideal solution for borrowers. Whether you’re a teacher with summers off, a construction or seasonal worker facing slow winters, self-employed with a hefty spring tax bill, or host annual family vacations each year, Take 2 allows you to skip two consecutive months of payments for the duration of your loan, explains Marketing Director John Ybarra.

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Community based for more than 60 years, Evergreen Direct offers services to help any and every financial situation. Photo courtesy: Evergreen Direct Credit Union.

Take 2 does not apply to real estate loans, lines of credit, Cash Flow loans, or credit cards but borrowers are encouraged to ask about it as an option when applying. Thinking about refinancing existing debt? Take 2 is one of many helpful services you can find thanks to Evergreen Direct’s member-owned, community based mission.

Started more than 60 years ago by employees from the State Department of Public Assistance, Evergreen Direct has grown and thrived. They are active within and throughout our community and welcome new members who live, work, study, or worship within Washington State.

When you’re ready to apply for a loan with the Take 2 feature, Evergreen Direct makes applying easy. You can drop by their offices between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., call 360-943-7676, or apply online. Watch this informative video to answer any preliminary questions about the Take 2 program.

olympia credit union
With their ‘Take 2’ feature, borrowers can skip two loan payments each year for the life of the loan. Photo courtesy: Evergreen Direct Credit Union.

Already have an Evergreen Direct loan but want to add Take 2? Many existing loans can be refinanced to add the feature, but double-check current interest rates versus those of your loan before deciding. Says Ybarra, sometimes keeping the 12 payments at a previously lower rate is the better way to go overall.

With the Federal Reserve now reporting that “fifty-two percent of smart phone owners with a bank account have used mobile banking,” Evergreen Direct strives to keep their “sole focus to provide quality, flexible services to our members at a reasonable price.” With cutting-edge options like 24/7 mobile banking, online bill pay, and free financial counseling, the Olympia and Tumwater branch teams are always on hand to address your unique fiscal needs.

olympia credit union
Stop by Evergreen Direct’s Olympia or Tumwater branch to ask about Take 2 or any of their other helpful solutions. Photo courtesy: Evergreen Direct Credit Union.

If you’re unsure about switching to a credit union, beginning your financial journey, or which options are best for you, visit either local branch and meet with an account manager. You’ll quickly discover why they’ve received so much praise. Said one happy customer: “I truly cannot thank you enough for all the doors your credit union has opened for my husband and myself. I love my EDCU and my amazing account manager…She has created such awesome member loyalty in us and your underwriting team has so surpassed our expectations. You have given hope to those who had none. Thank you!”

Follow Evergreen Direct Credit Union on Facebook for a wealth of financial information, upcoming events, new products, and customer feedback. Updated multiple times each day, they strive to keep customers informed and educated.


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