Your Healthcare Connection: Oly Ortho Welcomes Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Dominic Femiano

oly ortho dr. femiano
Dr. Femiano (left) has extensive experience as a sports team physician and will serve as team doctor for Saint Martin's University Athletics and a number of Thurston County high schools.


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Dr. Dominic Femiano began seeing patients at the Oly Ortho Sports Medicine clinic on October 1.

When you hear the name Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, many people conjure up images of surgery and joint replacement. And while the talented physicians at Oly Ortho can handle all of those situations, there are a wide range of practitioners in the South Sound clinics who handle the everyday aches, pains and injuries that result from an active lifestyle.

Among these practitioners are the doctors who staff the Sports Medicine Clinic at the West Olympia clinic. Dr. Tracy Hamblin has been seeing patients for over a year, partnering until recently with Dr. Leyen Vu. After a lonely month on her own, Dr. Hamblin is excited to partner with newly hired Dr. Dominic Femiano who began seeing patients on October 1.

Dr. Femiano is a Washington native who was born and raised in West Seattle. Son of an elementary school teacher father and nurse practitioner mother, Dr. Femiano saw from a young age models for both educating and caring for others. Active all his life, Dr. Femiano’s interests began to lean towards sports medicine early on when dealing with sports related injuries of his own. “I spent a fair amount of time with orthopedists and sports medicine doctors,” he shares, citing shoulder and knee issues earned from many hours spent on the basketball court where he can still be found in his off-hours.

After earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Washington, Dr. Femiano headed east to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. “Jefferson was a great place to learn medicine and a good place to get my start in the field,” he shares. With both sides of Dr. Femiano’s extended family on the east coast, he not only had support from colleagues, but family as well.

Despite enjoying Philly, Dr. Femiano is a Washington native at heart and he returned to Seattle to complete his residency in family medicine at Group Health Cooperative where he served as Chief Resident. Afterwards, to further his training in Sports Medicine he completed a fellowship at the University of Washington in the field.

When asked what spurred his interest in medicine, Dr. Femiano laughs. “Well, I watched a lot of ER growing up. But seriously, I got this idea in high school that I wanted to be a doctor, to really help people, and it just never really left.” He volunteered at UW Medical Center and the Harborview Medical Center burn unit during his teen years and, he says, “it just sealed the deal.”

oly ortho dr. femiano
Dr. Femiano (left) has extensive experience as a sports team physician and will serve as team doctor for Saint Martin’s University Athletics and a number of Thurston County high schools.

As part of his new position at Oly Ortho, Dr. Femiano will serve as the team doctor for Saint Martin’s University Athletics as well as for several local high schools. This is a part of the job he both knows well and looks forward to. “During my fellowship, I worked extensively with the Husky athletes, attending all the sports and covering just about every event there,” he shares.

His experience with athletes doesn’t end there. He served as a team doctor for the Seattle Storm (WNBA), the assistant Medical Director for the Seattle Marathon and the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon Medical Captain.

He brings this extensive experience to the teams and athletes here in Thurston County, but beyond that, Dr. Femiano brings this expertise to you. The Sports Medicine Clinic at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates is open to all patients, often without referral from a primary care physician. Have sports related injuries or issues? Give the clinic a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Femiano or Dr. Hamblin for access to their specific training and quality care.

One area of particular interest and training for Dr. Femiano is the prevention and treatment of sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes. You’ve likely seen the stories of young, fit athletes who suffer heart attacks during routine sports practices. Dr. Femiano has done extensive research, presenting his findings nationally, on this interesting and relevant topic.

oly ortho sports medicine
Drs. Femiano and Hamblin make a great team in the Olympia Orthopaedic Associates West Olympia clinic.

In addition, he has expertise in the treatment and management of concussions, a particularly important topic to parents of student athletes worried about the toll sports can take on their child’s health. Not only will Dr. Femiano be available to provide treatment and advice in clinic, but his participation on the sidelines and interactions with coaches will help ensure student athletes remain healthy and safe all season long.

“I think sports medicine doctors are uniquely qualified to care for student athletes,” shares Dr. Femiano. “Not only do we know the musculoskeletal system but we have training as primary care physicians. This allows us to provide care for the other medical issues athletes present with from GI issues to depression to chronic illness.”

You can visit Dr. Femiano now at Oly Ortho where he can help you achieve a ‘Life in Motion.’ “My goal is to keep people active, which means different things to different people,” he shares. “Whether you are headed into your 50th marathon, are a gymnast trying to get healthy enough to compete, or are just trying to get to the gym, I meet people where they are and help get them to where they want to be.”

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