Meet Local Authors at The Gift Gallery in Tumwater

Local authors will be sharing, signing and selling their books on March 28 at The Gift Gallery LLC in Tumwater.


Submitted by The Gift Gallery LLC

gift gallery author visitThe Gift Gallery LLC is hosting a book signing on Saturday, March 28 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

With seven local artists here at The Gift Gallery, we have six that will be here to meet and greet you. With tales that vary from true life, inspiration, triumph, addiction, death, pirates, to bigfoot, you’ll be excited to meet the authors behind the stories. Come in today to get your book and be ready to meet these amazing authors.

Karen Strand and her husband Paul Strand are both authors. While Karen tells a true life story of her son and his battle with insanity and evil in “Escape From The Fowler’s Snare, her husband tells a story of his grandfather and his childhood across the Pacific Northwest in “When Grandpa was a Kid”.

Barbara Andreason tells a story of a young boy kidnapped and forced to serve an evil pirate during the great plague of 1665 in “The Final Port”. Barbara has written three books on family genealogy, articles for the DAR and genealogy newsletters. Barbara has given lectures on Benjamin Franklin, Benedict Arnold, Lucretia Coffin Mott and Nantucket to various organizations.

B.J. Roberts writes of her encounters with Bigfoot, both a male and a female on her land, The Havens Ranch. She also tells of others’ encounters with Bigfoot, Native American encounters and a battle. B.J. built a large statue of Bigfoot at north-fork survivors at Mount St. Helens. You can read all her adventures in “Bigfoot Face to Face”.

Local authors will be sharing, signing and selling their books on March 28 at The Gift Gallery LLC in Tumwater.
Local authors will be sharing, signing and selling their books on March 28 at The Gift Gallery LLC in Tumwater.

Kurtis Bissell writes of a man who finds himself in the midst of a new viral outbreak, his journey through this harsh new world in hopes of finding somewhere the infection has not reached in “Trials, Death and the Undead”.

Barbara Boswell describes how God can take ordinary life situations and devastating health concerns and use them for His extraordinary purposes. Her books are a combination of humor, scripture, and thought-provoking true stories. Barbara works at her local church as a secretary, she is married, has a son and lives in a small town in Washington state. Barbara is also a breast cancer survivor. She spent many years running from God, and discovered when she stopped running that God had been there all along, never abandoning her. Her two books at The Gift Gallery are “Every Time I Turn Around, I Catch A Glimpse of God!” and “Every Time I Turn Around, I Bump Into God”

The Gift Gallery will also be hosting our monthly free jewelry appraisals on Saturday, March 21 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. We will be serving our Omak Kick’n Chicken Soup and our Garlic of Eatin’ Dip from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Congratulations to our “Vendors of the Month” for March

  • Linda Trail –Stinger Stitches, hand sewn gifts
  • Scott Chaput – Glass Art & Jewelry
  • Nancy Kelly – NFL, MLB, & Collegiate Bears                     
  • Martha Janson – Handcrafted Jewelry

Easter is approaching soon.  Starting April 1, when you come in to store, find the bunny! Bring him to the counter for 10% off your total purchase. Promotion ends April 30.


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