Home Staging: When Selling a Home, Less Is More


design smart living room fireplaceIf a home that is on the market is completely vacant, buyers tend to focus on its flaws and have a hard time figuring out its proportional space. On the other hand, a home that is overly decorated or cluttered with personal pictures and collectibles overwhelms the viewer and feels claustrophobic making the house seem smaller.

To sell homes faster, our team at Design Smart Home Staging and Redesign uses the art and science of Home Staging—simply and beautifully arranging a home in way that best displays its functions and features.

Lisa Poundstone and the Design Smart team had the opportunity to “refresh” and de-clutter some well-established model homes in a new construction neighborhood that an out-of-town design team had beautifully decorated, but were “over the top” with too much stuff. Buyers were having a hard time seeing past the décor.

When Poundstone was finished, the real estate agents representing the homes said they felt two to three times larger than they had with all the designer clutter.

The lesson for buying or selling a home?
design smart couch and chairs
When you are living in the home and trying to sell, LESS IS MORE! Ninety percent of buyers cannot get past your décor to see the actual house. You want to show off the potential of the home, not show people who you are.

Buyers should be cautious of new construction neighborhoods with model homes that are overly decorated, hiding potential construction flaws. Perhaps visit some of the empty homes, to better see the quality of the construction.

True home staging will help buyers see a home’s potential. It will warm it up. There is a science to the optimal amount of furnishings to sell a home. Let our professional team help you to achieve this balance for the best success. Accredited Staging Professionals® (ASP) can show you what works to showcase your home and sell it faster.

Contact the experts at Design Smart Home Staging and Redesign for a Home Staging consultation for your home at (360) 480-5810.


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