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Happy House - Thurston CountyOur homes play an important role in our lives. We spend so much time in our homes, sleeping, eating, cleaning, playing, relaxing, and enjoying the company of family and friends. Our homes also play an important role in our health. It isn’t always at the top of our minds, but things like indoor air quality, moisture, ventilation, and our in-home habits can impact our health. Thurston County’s Healthy Homes Program is designed to help people find simple ways to reduce housing-related health risks like mold, exposure to toxins, asthma triggers, and more. The program trains volunteers to conduct free, voluntary, and confidential Healthy Homes Visits in our community.

This October, the Healthy Homes Program is training new volunteers. The hands-on training is 30 hours of engaging presentations, field trips, and practicing what you learn at home and with others. You don’t need any prior experience or expertise to be a volunteer. You will learn the essentials of a healthy living environment, gain skills in recognizing key parts of the home that affect health and work together with other volunteers and program staff in supporting each other’s learning.

The Healthy Homes Program provides volunteers with knowledge, understanding, and skills to maintain a healthy living space that they can apply in their own lives. Once trained, volunteers conduct Healthy Homes Visits in pairs, staff booths at community events, and assist with community outreach. Volunteers are asked to give back 30 hours of community service to the program after completing the 30 hours of free training. Each year, new volunteers are trained. The program looks for diverse individuals who are committed to actively participating in the training sessions, who will volunteer in their communities, and who will enjoy working together to improve their own and others’ health.Thurston County Healthy Home

The training will be held on Fridays from October 10-31 and Friday December 12 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Thurston County Public Health & Social Services, 412 Lilly Rd. NE in Olympia (across from Providence St. Peter Hospital and served by bus route #60). In November, each new volunteer will go on a Healthy Homes Visit with an experienced volunteer before the final training session on December 12.

Volunteer applications are available on the program website. You can be an active member of your community with the Healthy Homes Program and help people maintain healthier homes.

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