John Erwin Remodeling Answers, “How Much will my Remodel Cost?”


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“How much will my remodel cost?”

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That is a question that I am asked frequently. It is one of the hardest questions to answer.  Without more information it’s about like calling your favorite car dealer and asking them how much a new vehicle will cost you, without clarifying that you’re looking for a truck with all the options or a new sub-compact economy car.  Like a new vehicle, there are countless variables and options in almost every remodel or home renovation project and each one of them have a dollar sign next to it.

The first thing you have to know and understand is: the older your home, the more you should budget for your project. Because the older the home, the more it will cost.  If your home was built in the 50’s, you might still have galvanized water pipes behind old lath and plaster walls which take longer and cost more to renovate compared to a home built in the mid 80’s with copper pipes and sheetrock.  Another factor in price based on age is what I call the “curve ball.”  That is– the hidden damage or code violations that are discovered when walls are opened up such as water damage or electrical wire connections buried in the wall that will have to be repaired or replaced.

That said, I can clarify and give you some insight on three very typical popular home improvement projects, and what the average cost you can expect when you hire an experienced professional remodel contractor.  Keep in mind that the actual cost of your remodel can vary greatly with countless variables and the below average cost includes everything and nothing at the same time. It’s simply the average cost of the projects without any details.

Bathrooms:  Bathrooms have long been one of our most popular projects with our clients.  A typical hall bathroom built in the mid-80’s will cost on average about $15,000.  That would include a new acrylic tub/shower, flooring, vanity, countertop and plumbing fixtures.  The biggest variable on this type of project will be in the quality and price of the product selections.  If you choose to upgrade to tiled shower and floor along with granite counter tops you could easily spend closer to $20,000.  If it’s a 5 piece master bathroom the average cost comes in right around $25,000 when using the better quality products.

olympia home remodel
A kitchen remodel can add function and value to your home.

Kitchens:  Kitchens have always been the best investment when you consider the cost vs. value aspect, but more than that, the kitchen is what I call the heart of the house.  Your whole family use the kitchen every day. When done right, you not only get the biggest bang for your buck, you get the most enjoyment and use out of a kitchen remodel.  Kitchen cabinets have come along way over the years with almost limitless bells and whistles that help maximize the storage and usability, and of course you guessed it, they come with a dollar sign next to them as well.  Our typical kitchen remodels where we remove and replace all the cabinets, install new flooring, laminate countertops with tile backsplashes prices out right around $25,000.  That number does not include the cost of appliances that can easily add another $5,000.  Take that same exact kitchen layout in the same exact space but include the nifty roll outs, tip outs, and a quartz or granite countertop the average jumps up to $35,000.

Additions:  Additions can really vary in cost not only based on the age of your home, but with the architectural style and with your existing homes building components.  The most important aspect of any addition is to have it blend with the existing home olympia home remodeland the best way to do that is to match the type of foundation, siding, windows, and roofing.  There is nothing worse than an addition that does not blend. Sometimes you have to invest more money to ensure it will look seamless.  Our typical room addition is $135 per sq. ft. or $40,000-$54,000 when it is around 300-400 sq. ft.  However, if you add hardwood flooring, vaulted ceilings, skylights and French doors in that same space, the price may jump up another $15-$20 dollars per sq ft.  The addition also has to be large enough to be cost effective as well, because the smaller the addition the more the price per sq. ft. will be. When someone who is thinking about a little 8’x8’ bump out for a walk in closet, that will price out more like $350 per sq. ft. and that just never pencils out when considering cost vs. value.

So there you have it– a good old fashioned non-answer to, “How much will my remodel cost?”  In other words, it’s almost impossible to truly answer that question with limited information. These are just typical average costs which include everything and nothing at the same time.  To get a detailed accurate estimate on your project, start out with good designs and plans, make your product selections, and call John Erwin Remodeling Inc.– We would love to talk to you about your project.    


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