Northwest Harley-Davidson Explains the Total Oil Change



NW Harley T-shirt wallThe maintenance schedule for our car’s oil change is drilled into us, whether by truth or marketing.  Every three months or 3,000 miles we change that oil.  But what about your motorcycle?

To keep your Harley, or any motorcycle for that matter, in top condition, close attention to the oil is key.  Using quality oil and filters, checking the oil often, and changing it regularly are some of the best ways to extend the life of your bike.  And if you are going to change the oil, don’t you want to change ALL the oil?

The fact is, most oil changes leave up to a quart of dirty oil in your bike’s engine.  This is about 20% of the tank capacity – a significant amount.  The old oil left in the engine and oil lines then mixes with the new oil you’ve just added.  This starts to degrade the new oil immediately, shortening the time between oil changes and increasing maintenance costs.

Northwest Harley-Davidson’s Service Department offers the Total Oil Change.  This process gets 100% of the old oil out before the new oil is added, leaving your bike with spotlessly clean oil and terrific performance.

NW Harley Shop Interior overviewHere’s how it works.  Once your bike is up to operating temperature, the engine is turned off and oil drained into a pan as usual.  The filter is removed and a specialized “plug” is put in its place.  A small amount of new oil is added to the system and the bike is fired up.  The new oil runs through the engine and oil lines pushing the old oil out.  Once the technician sees the new oil begin to drain, the bike is shut down and a new filter is put in place.

New oil is added to the bike, the engine is run, and the levels are topped off as needed.  The process is complete.  And the proof is on the dipstick.  Clear, clean oil is all that is seen when tested after the service is done.

To check out the Total Oil Change for yourself, view a video of the process online here.  And then schedule your bike for a Total Oil Change.


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