Elite Cleaning of Washington Spiffs Up Rentals

Scottiejo McNulty is the owner of Elite Cleaning Services of Washington.


At one time or another, most people rent their living space.  And with any rental, comes the dreaded deposit.  Since we can’t walk on eggshells the entire duration of our stay, the best way to get your money back is to leave the unit in original condition via a thorough deep cleaning.

Scottiejo McNulty and her staff at Elite Cleaning of Washington handle an average of 6-9 move out’s a month.  These include being hired either by the parties moving out or the landlords themselves; for one landlord alone she handles all 34 of his rental properties.  Says McNulty, “the best way to get the majority of your deposit back is to clean.”

Years of experience have given McNulty a keen insight into the process.  Her primary piece of advice for anyone moving on is to contact their rental agency for the move out checklist.  This is the document defining what must be dealt with and—in rare cases—what must be left alone.  Some buildings prefer the carpets and blinds, for example, be left as-is since those cleaning fees are included or non-refundable.

Skilled professionals like the Elite Cleaning team will come in and remove nails from walls, wipe down fixtures and fans, clean windows, de-grease switch plates, scrub appliances, and wash the walls.  Hiring their services is often much cheaper than losing your deposit and they’ll provide a free estimate beforehand if needed.

Some local landlords hire McNulty on a regular basis for more than renter transition.  The team is often brought in mid-lease to do a deep clean and inspection, insuring there are no underlying problems with a property.  One caring landlord even hired her services when a renter was returning from military service in Afghanistan.  He had four children under the age of 6 and the deep clean was a tremendous gift, allowing the entire family to celebrate his homecoming.

In our tight economy, it pays to wisely manage your money.  Elite Cleaning of Washington is there to help you get the most back when you move, and that’s a very wise investment.  They can be reached at 360-529-2277.


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