Community Foundation Grants Scholarships to Local Students



By Kathryn Millhorn

sunset airSometimes it’s hard to know how to help.  Whether in times of tragedy or great joy, we want to contribute but often don’t know where to start.  Whether it’s a memorial for a lost loved one, donating towards newlywed bliss, or contributing to a birthday or graduation, financial gifts are always welcome.  Organizations like The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound exist to match donors with recipients, manage, and establish such gifts and endowments.

The Community Foundation believes “charitable giving should be a JOY, not a burden.  Our flexibility allows you many options.  The type of fund you select to establish is your choice.  The type that works best for you and your charitable goals ultimately boils down to how involved you wish to be in making grants/distributions from your fund.”  One of the most popular options is for donors to establish a scholarship fund benefitting local students.  Award selection is determined when “honoring guidelines set by the donors, committees comprised of high school counselors, college financial aid professionals, community volunteers and Foundation board members review the scholarship applications and select award recipients.”

olympia cross country
Sofia Kane, a runner at Olympia High School, is one of the recipients of a Community Foundation scholarship.

With a thriving 25 year history, the Community Foundation is proud to have offered such scholarships for more than 10 years.  Most recently, they distributed over $130,000 to deserving students in our area.  New scholarships and opportunities are posted on their website early in the year with full details and submission guidelines.

Communications and Programs Manager Anne Kirske is proud that many students receive a full four years of donor support if they continue to maintain adequate academic progress.  Because donors help “shape their scholarship,” Kirske explains, they can “help shape who gets the award and [support] something that’s near and dear to their heart.”

Students are encouraged to check the Foundation’s website throughout January for the year’s offerings but the Foundation also provides outreach to local high school counselors throughout Thurston and Lewis counties.  By maintaining a good relationship with these schools, there is a solid bridge between donors and the students they strive to help.

This year’s recipients are studying everything from nursing to engineering, infomatics to biology.  They’ll attend such local institutions as the University of Washington, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College, and Washington State University.  All told, 48 students will benefit from the generosity of local donors and the guidance of the Community Foundation.

Any questions about setting up a scholarship or the Foundation itself can be directed to their offices at 360-705-3340.  When it comes to education and the future of our students, every little bit counts.

2014 Scholarship Awardees

olympia scholarship
Dedication in the classroom is one of the important considerations for a Community Foundation scholarship.

Learning Seed Scholarships: Andrea Barcinas, Joyce Dizon, Angie Lim Franco, Brandon Galang, Tina Moore, Erica Wetterlind, Bernadette Buertey, Michelle Le, Brittanie Lee, Alejandra Lopez, Duong Nguyen, Christian Ramirez, Quadelle Satterwhite, Darrell Wilson, An ‘Erika’ Songhee, Welella Anebo, Chyna Boonlom, Daniella Martinez Jimenez, My’Kaila Young

John & Opal McGimpsey Scholarships: Alexis Bonbright (UW), Lauren Bragazzi (TESC), Kaitlyn Nelson (WSU), Tessa Niemer (UW), Niles Williams (EWU), Briana Preslar (UW), Ezra Boyer (Olympia High), Natasha Motley (NTHS)

L&E Bottling Co. Scholarship: Kaylee Fouthe (Black Hills)

Dan R. Montgomery Scholarship: Jack Miller (Olympia High)

William & Dorothy Judah Scholarship: An Nguyen (Capital High)

Amanda Winters Scholarship: Stephanie Taylor (Capital High)

Ecosystems Scholarship: Dylan Quinn (WWU), Sydney Schlotterback (WWU)

Ellen Anderson deMoise Scholarships: Larissa Lindsay (W.F.West High), Joel Marten (Toledo High)

Students interested in scholarships are encouraged to check out the Community Foundation website in January.
Students interested in scholarships are encouraged to check out the Community Foundation website in January.

Alfred R. ‘Dick’ Lewis Memorial Scholarship: Davis Cavanagh (Olympia High)

John G. Creighton ex-POW Citizen Award: Margaret DeBell (Olympia High)

OHS Faculty Memorial Scholarship: Sofia Kane (Olympia High)

Laurie Callaghan Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Thaller (Olympia High)

Henry J. Melusky Memorial Scholarship: Adrien Simkins (Olympia High)

Cody Brown Memorial Scholarship: Jordyn Bowers (Olympia High)

Next Step Scholarship: Steven Miller (Rainier High)

Tiernan-Kiegher Scholarship: Trisha Jablonski


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