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capital medical center
Capital Medical Center is celebrating 30 years in Thurston County.


capital medical centerIt is really only one of those things you think about either in an emergency, impending surgery, or a persistent illness. Really, how often do we walk into a hospital when we are healthy or not visiting a sick loved one? I recently had just that experience at Capital Medical Center. Viewing a hospital through healthy eyes and body offers a different perspective-obviously one when you are more calm, clear-headed, and not in pain.

While walking through Capital Medical Center, I realized it was like going to buy a vehicle after your car has broken down and left you stranded. Would I rather buy a car under those conditions or when my car is functioning and healthy?  Visiting a car dealership with a car running well is like visiting a hospital with a healthy body.

Capital Medical Center is a full-service medical facility dedicated to delivering high quality, cost-effective health care in an affordable and easily accessible manner.  They have been providing quality care in Thurston and surrounding counties for nearly thirty years. As a full-service medical facility, Capital Medical Center offers a comprehensive surgery program, specialty care for cancer, advanced wounds and physical therapy, complete services for women and private birthing suites, full service laboratory and diagnostic imaging, and 24 hour emergency services.

capital medical centerCapital Medical Center’s scope of services is impressive, yet the commitment to quality care and patient satisfaction is tantamount. Becky Means, Chief Nursing Officer at Capital Medical Center says, “We strive to make our patients comfortable. Patient satisfaction and quality of service are our top priorities. We are a community hospital who wants to treat you like a neighbor.”

Julie Leydelmeyer, Director of Marketing and Public Affairs, applauds the leadership of Capital Medical Center for its commitment to patient satisfaction and continually investing in needed services. This commitment is exemplified by the hospital’s growth of services, current and planned renovations, identification of community needs and access to care. Leydelmeyer shares, “Capital Medical Center is blossoming with its expansion of care and services to our community.”

In the last few years, Capital Medical Center has made considerable investments to add new services and extend the care provided to the community, such as an outpatient diagnostic center for more efficient delivery of services to patients and much needed neurosurgery in the hospital.  And this spring, Capital Medical Center will start renovations on its Women’s Services unit to include upgrades to the birthing suites, nursery, gynecological patient rooms and the family waiting rooms.  The renovation will not only increase the number of birthing suites to expand capacity but will also improve the aesthetics to match the existing quality of care, allow patients to stay in the same room until discharged, and enable new equipment for the nursery.

Means comments, “We are a community facility with a small town feel. Our staff pride themselves on giving personalized attention. For example, we wanted the decor in our birthing suites to reflect the same quality of care we provide our patients and their families. We want to ensure our families feel comfortable and welcomed. We try to go the extra mile for our patients and their families by addressing all their needs from nursing care to providing a guest meal.”

capital medical centerFollowing the renovations to the Women’s Services unit, Capital Medical Center will focus on expanding the number of operating rooms as well as increasing the size of existing operating rooms to better meet the needs of surgeons and staff and better accomodate specialized surgical equipment.

Capital Medical Center is well known for its comprehensive surgical programs including ear, nose & throat, general,  vascular, gynecological, neurosurgery, plastics, urological, and orthopedic which has been recognized with the prestigious Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission.  Capital Medical Center is the only South Sound hospital to earn this distinction for knee and hip replacement and spine surgery from The Joint Commission, the nation’s leading organization for health care accreditation—just another example of Capital Medical Center’s commitment to the highest level of care for its patients.

Leydelmeyer shares, “We are a patient centric hospital. We care for the reason you are coming in and evaluate the whole person.  We care for all your needs while you are here, guide you on your path to healing, and enable you to be successful when you go home.”

To learn more about the care and services offered by Capital Medical Center visit their website, call 360-754-5858 or attend one of their regularly scheduled seminars.


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