olympia acne care
Robin Chamberlain offers solutions to those with acne-prone skin.

The Acne Therapist is Olympia’s first dedicated acne and problem skin clinic attaining a 95% success rate for clearing acne prone skin. Robin Chamberlain recently introduced the Acne Therapist as a specialty branch of her highly successful and thriving skin care spa, Love Your Skin.

Chamberlain, a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Acne Specialist, has been a practicing Esthetician since 1987 and has been serving local Thurston County clients for over 20 years. Chamberlain is known for her results driven, advanced clinical skin care as well as expert beauty enhancing services and now is offering a perfect blend of the relaxation of a skin care clinic with the expertise of effective acne treatments.

Two years ago Chamberlain realized the need in our community for people with acne prone skin. A client came to Chamberlain with persistent and stubborn acne and was dealing with horrible scarring. Chamberlain’s client was on the verge of using Accutane, a prescription drug known to have worrisome side effects.  Chamberlain knew she could offer him a healthier choice with better results.

Having had acne herself as a teenager, Chamberlain was inspired not only to search for an effective treatment for her client but to bring acne solutions and education to our area. The Acne Therapist is the first acne clinic in Thurston County and the surrounding South Puget Sound region.

Chamberlain reconnected with Dr. James Fulton, M.D., PhD, who effectively treated her teenage acne and is a world-renowned acne expert, Dermatologist, Founder of Vivant Pharmaceutical, co-developer of Retin-A, and the scientist that brought benzoyl peroxide to the skincare world.  Chamberlain then pursued further training and education to become a Certified Acne Specialist through Laura Cooksey a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Acne Expert who devised a clear skin system based on Dr. Fulton’s work, and founded Face Reality Acne Clinic. Face Reality educates estheticians in the causes and successful treatment of acne.

Chamberlain believes passionately in being an acne coach and educating her clients and our community in order to offset the infomercials, advertisements in teenager magazines, misinformation online and the claims made by the vending machine products and 1-800 numbers.

“It makes me nervous when I see people at vending machines in the mall. It is ridiculously expensive. And what they do not know is that not all ingredients are created equal or are formulated in a way that the skin can handle or even penetrate the product. And there is not a trained person guiding you and making adjustments in the products as your skin needs,” confesses Chamberlain.

olympia acne care
Robin Chamberlain also addresses lifestyle and diet when creating a customized plan to keep a patient’s skin clear.

Chamberlain wants to educate people that it is not just a product that changes your skin but also your lifestyle and diet.  She wants to help people make better choices from identifying ingredients that create acne to avoiding certain fabric softeners and detergents, for example.  Her goal is to increase awareness regarding claims made by advertising schemes.

In addition to being an acne educator and coach, The Acne Therapist offers a Blemish Bootcamp to help teach clients about skin care and repair as well as assess their skin condition. She first conducts an acne skin evaluation and consultation to learn about skin type, conditions and the type of acne.  She then creates a custom home care routine for you.

Chamberlain also addresses lifestyle and diet as contributors to achieving success in keeping clear skin. The Blemish Bootcamp begins after the initial consultation. The Acne Therapist’s treatments are completely customized. Based on the proven methods of the Face Reality protocol, the Acne Therapist clients experience a 95% success rate of clear skin within 12 to 16 weeks with some achieving results as early as 8 to 10 weeks, and most with noticeable improvement after one to two acne treatments.

The Acne Therapist offers services to all ages but her most typical clients are teenage boys with sports acne and those with adult acne. Since Chamberlain has practiced in Olympia for over 20 years she is now treating the second generation of clients, she has long-standing clients who are now referring their teenage sons who are dealing with sports acne.

Chamberlain proudly claims that doing skincare is the best job in the world.  Her skincare clientele have followed her through the years. And now her interests have taken her to offering solutions to those with acne-prone skin and keeping it clear.  Chamberlain looks at some of the before and after pictures of her treatments and says, “I just want to make it better and I know I can.”

You can reach the Acne Therapist by clicking here.

The Acne Therapist, Robin Chamberlain
605 11th Ave SE, Suite 202
Olympia, WA 98501

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