Club Z! Tutoring: Parents, Teachers, Doctors, Oh My!

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olympia tutorClub Z! Tutoring is a comprehensive storehouse of information, experience, and reputation.

Since distractions can undo hard-won success, Club Z! strives to meet wherever works best for both parent and student.  They advertise that “we have learning programs to fit any family’s needs and preferences—whether it’s in-home, on school campus, at the library in a small group, or even online!”

At an initial consultation, owner Angela Grant sits down for a one-on-one with every family to assess and discern the child’s situation.  She also meets with the child’s teachers and doctors if needed to paint the fullest picture possible and ensure complete success.

She finds that “teachers are very willing to help” once they see how driven the families are to make progress.  Having reading, special needs, cognitive, and dyslexia specialists on staff ensure all needs are met and expectations exceeded.

Grant and her tutors meet with a student’s teachers, doctors (if need be), school staff, and family to ensure success.  Being local, the team has an extensive, 20-year knowledge of the area, covering Olympia, DuPont, Lacey, Tumwater, Fort Lewis, Hawks Prairie, Steilacoom, Shelton, Yelm, and Lakewood.  Working directly with schools means each child’s exact curriculum is addressed.

As Grant explains, her team wants to ensure that all parties understand “the progression for the child” especially “where the pieces of the puzzle are different.”  This is especially true for military families, where children switch schools—and thus curriculums—mid-stream.

By using local teachers, local tutors, and local knowledge, Grant and her team are able to guide families through the changes and ensure the smoothest transition.

Enrollment with Club Z! is a simple process, with no contract required.  Billing is done on an hourly basis and all work is performed one-on-one with the student.

For questions or to arrange a private consultation, Club Z! can be found online or by calling 360.436.6615.


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