Priest Point Townhomes: A Chance to Design Your Own Space

priest point townhome


By Eric Sims-Brown

priest point townhomeThere are obvious benefits to living at Priest Point Townhomes.  The location is worthy of any number of adjectives.  Puget Sound is right there – it’s the backyard.  This is the stuff of postcards.  Just add a hammock, a book, some sunshine and it’s the always ready, instant vacation.  The park is nearby, as is downtown Olympia.  It’s a good (flat) place to take a walk or ride a bike.  The neighborhood is quiet.  The car traffic from Eastbay Drive is muted by a layer of homes and trees. This could be a village but it’s not.  The townhomes are a respite, a temporary break from the constant motion of city life.

Bob Wubbena and his wife have lived in the same place for 38 years. They’ll soon move into a Priest Point Townhome.  The change came out of desire to simplify.  Wubbena is originally from Iowa and his current home reflects his agricultural roots.  There’s lots of land to maintain.  Grass needs to be mowed, weeds pulled and leaves raked.  These chores will still have to be done – just not by Wubbena.  The Homeowner’s Association hires someone to handle the outside work.

The interior of Wubbena’s townhome is unique.  Unique because Wubbena and his wife designed it themselves.  The home is more than 3,000 square feet.  However, size is misleading.  The couple arraigned their townhome so everything they would need is on one floor.  The downstairs section is home to spare bedrooms and bathrooms plus an extra garage for Bob’s sports car.  The added space is for when the children and grandchildren come to visit.

Bob notes the place for his car would make a great art studio – and it could be.  The Wubbenas’ have opted for a more upscale interior.  They have gas fireplaces, hardwood floors and a high-tech security system that can be controlled via smartphone.  The shower has four nozzles and a spot to sit.  The kitchen counters are long and the cabinets plenty.  This is just one of countless options.  Each townhome can be shaped.  There is no set style or arrangement.

priest point townhomeI can just see the Olympics from Bob’s deck.  He’s just finished showing me where he’s going to put his barbeque.  He talks about the water projects he does in developing countries.  Bob has spent most of his life working with water.  He likes to travel.  He feels content knowing he can just lock the door on his new home and leave.  The neighbors are friendly and look out for each other.

We walk back through the house.  The workers are busy doing laying stone.  There are cords and plastic everywhere.  Light pours in through the doors and skylights.  Good idea.  There will always be light even during the long winter months.

Dream home is a tired phrase and not accurate in this case.  Sure, it’s beautiful, possibly even immaculate.  Mostly, this home is smart. It’s meant to evolve over time.  The Wubbenas have already wired a spot for an elevator should the time come when they find it necessary.  The first floor entrance is wheelchair accessible.  The main garage is linked to the hallway.  There’s even a mudroom with a sink specially designed to give their dog Pogo a bath.

For more information on the Priest Point Townhomes visit the website or call (360) 280-9100.

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