Club Z! Tutoring: Summertime Learning

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olympia tutorA recent study at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Summer Learning found that teachers spend approximately 22% of the school year re-teaching forgotten information – forgotten mostly over summer vacation.  Olympia’s Club Z! tutoring can help minimize this loss through stress free, one-on-one sessions.

Some of the summer issues addressed are skill maintenance, building a foundation for future success in the case of a class failure/repetition, test preparation, confidence building, and school transition help.  They provide an educational alternative to summer camps and can even include a Summer Writing Improvement Program designed for grades pre-K through 12.  This program is designed to “develop writing skills, perfect writing mechanics and write effective narratives and essays that will benefit students the rest of their lives.”  Summer programs can also foster success in a child’s interest area, like art, music, and languages.

“It’s not too late to take advantage of the last weeks of summer to ensure a fabulous start to the school year,” encourages Club Z! owner Angela Grant.  “A little time spent reviewing math concepts, reading and writing, as well as getting organized can mean a confident start and set the student up for success.”

“Club Z! can ensure that this review includes the topics most relevant to each teacher or school district,” adds Grant.

With 66% of high school graduates entering college, the need for summertime entrance exam preparation is crucial.  Club Z! offers help with the more common exams like the SAT and ACT but can also provide assistance on any test required.  Their Z-Prep SAT Test Program guides students and their families through the process and includes not only the sessions but an “Essential Guide to The SAT” book.  They utilize official practice tests in their session, which helps minimize test-taking anxiety.

Having a team of over 50 tutors with a tremendous range of experience, skills, and education, all subjects, academic levels, and personality quirks can be addressed and conquered!  Special summer programs are often offered at a discounted rate, with classes and 11 week timetables tailored around the break from school.

Enrollment with Club Z! is a simple process, with no contract required.  Billing is done on an hourly basis and all work is performed one-on-one with the student.  The initial consultation with their staff can help establish what expectations, steps, and timeframe might be called for, and lay the groundwork for progress.

For questions or to arrange a private consultation, Club Z! can be found online or by calling 360.436.6615.


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