Black Hills Heating: Using Free Filter Service To Build Trust

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olympia heatingIt is an often neglected and dirty chore.  Climbing on a ladder, pulling out the air filters, cleaning and replacing them isn’t high on many homeowners list of things to do. But there is someone who will do it for you for, and at no cost. Black Hills Heating will replace the air filters on your central heating or air conditioning system for you, twice a year.

“Dirty filters are the number one cause of comfort system failures, and dirt makes your system less efficient, causing you to spend more money,” said Mike Kirchmeier, President of Black Hills Heating. “Filters are inexpensive and easy to replace, yet most homeowners forget about replacing them, so we’ll do it for you for free,” he said.

Of course, Black Hills is betting that this service will keep them top of mind when it comes time to purchase a new heat pump, air conditioner or furnace. “We want people to have the chance to get to know us. First, they’ll phone our call center and discover that we have outstanding customer service. Then, when Travis, our comfort system specialist, arrives they’ll get to meet us in person and realize that we truly do offer superior service,” said Kirchmeier.

olympia heating
Black Hills focuses on customer service, such as offering to replace the filters on your heating and air conditioning units twice a year.

The free filter program offered by Black Hills is just one of the many thoughtful business strategies implemented by Kirchmeier and his team. “We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our systems and service. Our goal is to remove the risk for our clients. We also hire great people and we spend a lot of time and money training our staff. Our installers are some of the best in the region,” he said.

Black Hills also has chosen to specialize in only residential installation of heat pumps, gas furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners. “We’ve narrowed it down so that we can be the very best at what we do. We are experts at residential, existing construction comfort systems,” he said.

They also believe in offering an array of systems to their clients, as opposed to working with only one or two manufacturers. “Consumer Reports quit rating heat pumps as they are all built with consistent components.  Our job is to sort through all the manufacturers out there to find the best system for each client. We don’t work for the manufacturer, we work for our clients,” he said.

The process of buying an air conditioning system, for example, is multi-step, but it also insures that the Black Hills team will make sure you get the right system for you and your home.

First, the Black Hills team will perform a free energy analysis of your home, taking a look at existing systems, orientation of the home, and needed requirements. Next, the homeowner will receive a variety of recommendations. “Based on your budget you’ll pick the system that is best for you. It is in interactive process. You tell us about your lifestyle and budget, then we’ll look at the many different ways there are to put a system together. Really, the right system is the one that is right for you,” he said.

Black Hills Heating is also a Tier 1 contractor for Puget Sound Energy, so they are able to package rebates offered by Thurston Energy and Puget Sound Energy into the complete package, saving the client from one more step.

Kirchmeier says, “Everything we do here is to try and earn the ongoing business of our clients. We really understand the value of a long term relationship. We want to be top of mind when the time comes to service, repair or replace residential heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces and water heaters.”

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Services offered: emergency service, Saturday and evening service with no extra cost, flat rate pricing, maintenance agreements, gas furnace repair and replacement, heat pump repair and replacement, air conditioning repair and replacement, electronic air cleaners, tankless water heaters

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