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My kids are already counting down the days until school is out.  I think it’s something like 23 or maybe 19… clearly it’s not a task that’s important to me.  I’m fairly confident that their countdown is motivated not by a dislike of school (my first grader said yesterday how she missed her teacher) but instead focused around lazy days without a routine.  The same child that is longing for her teacher on a Saturday afternoon also thinks that the ideal day is staying in her PJ’s until night time.

When the bickering with your sister starts (day 2 of summer break) and the novelty of lounging around the house wears off (day 3) then we will head out to explore Thurston County and likely grab a week or two of summer camp.

Here is a summary of our summer camp articles.  Plan away, Mom!

Thrifty Thurston Find Summer Camps Around Olympia And Thurston County

The ‘original’ summer camp article lists a wide variety of ideas for kids of all ages.  Try a weeklong summer camp at the Hands On Children’s Museum or drama camp at Olympia Family Theater.   This article is a great place to start to plan your summer break.

Soccer And Sports Summer Camps Around Olympia

Sporty kids will enjoy their pick of four soccer camps along with a variety of other sports-related summer camps.  Try basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, sailing, kayaking, football, tennis, golf, rock climbing, or other sports and recreational camps this summer.

South Sound YMCA’s Summer Camps Offer Education, Safety, And Fun To Olympia Area Kids

Known throughout the community for its excellent youth sports and after-school care, the South Sound YMCA summer camp programs offer a wide variety of activities for Olympia area children.   You can even try an overnight camp session at Camp Bishop.

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