Laura Davie – Evergreen Student, Tattoo Artist Making A Name In Olympia



Submitted by Stefan Ellis, Evergreen intern to ThurstonTalk

Since arriving in Olympia just four years ago, Laura Davie has already made a name for herself on the local art scene. From showing and selling pieces around Olympia to designing and giving tattoos, she’s here to make the most of her talent and education.

Hailing originally from South Hampton, England, Davie moved around as a kid, living in places  like Sparta, New Jersey and Vienna, Austria. Davie finally landed in Olympia, ready to study art at The Evergreen State College.

Davie came to Olympia in part because of the beautiful environment. “I love the woods here. There is so much life. It’s inspiring,” says Davie. Her affinity for plant life is reflected in her art. Focusing on organic shapes, her pieces are often interpreted as flowers, intricate patterns and swirls combining into a blast of bold colors. “The flower just comes naturally to me. It’s very esthetically pleasing,” Davie said.

In addition to inspiration from Washington forests, Davie also visits local galleries, such as Matter!, in downtown Olympia.

Davie enrolled at Evergreen to take advantage of the school’s art program. Her favorite medium is pen and ink, but she takes advantage of Evergreen’s diversity by studying 3D art classes and using the available studios for wire sculpture, metal working and ceramics.  David also studies sign language and tutors beginning sign language students.

On top of painting, drawing, and 3D artwork she’s also a tattoo artist,  “I think the human form is beautiful to begin with, so to be able to use it as a canvas to create more art on is truly inspiring,” she adds.

Davie started tattoo artistry by practicing on herself.  She has designed thirteen of her own tattoos.  “Practicing tattooing is hard, you only get one shot. I wasn’t going to ask my friends to take that risk for me,” she says.

Now, Davie has mastered the skill and confidence to give tattoos to wanting customers. She can design a unique piece or engrave an image picked by the customer.

“I think every artist would love to be self sufficient by selling their own art but right now I am trying to be recognized for being good at what I do,” says Davie when asked about her future. She has presented in Evergreen’s student gallery and at Olyphant.  Davie has sold pieces at Olympia and Seattle Art Walks as well.

After finishing her undergraduate degree at Evergreen, Davie is thinking of moving to Denver, Seattle or Portland. She hopes to keep making and selling art while working as a tattoo artist.

More of Davie’s work can be found at or by contacting her at

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